September 7, 2010

First Day of 1st Grade

Summer is coming to a close, actually it left Washington State a few weeks ago.  That's okay, I love fall.  And today marked a very important beginning to the Fall season, school started!  Just for Hayley though, Ryan doesn't start preschool until next week.  This last week or so has been busy finishing up the last of Hayley's school shopping.  Finding a pair of brown boots for my girls was no easy task.  I'm also so glad that I bought all of Hayley's school supplies over a month ago, most stores were pretty well picked over and I caught a great sale.      

The night before, we laid out her outfit for the next day and I packed her first ever lunch in her lunch bag.  I was a little shocked she fell asleep so quickly, she had been so excited for much of the day.  The next morning alarm rang at 7:00am and I heard Hayley declare; "It's my first day of school!"  Out of the top bunk she came to also tell us this in person.  After breakfast, getting dressed and some pictures; the time came to head out to her school.  Parking was a bit of a nightmare, but we finally found somewhere to park.

We all walked Hayley into her classroom to get her settled into her first day.  She had already picked out a cubby and desk at the BBQ last week.  There was work waiting for her on her desk, she was eager to get started.  Before she started, she had to go and get her magnet off the board and place it on the lunch chart, to show if she brought her lunch or would be buying that day.  She was so thrilled about her bologna sandwich waiting for her in her new lunch bag.  She was soon settled in and it was time for us to go.  I took a few more pictures, wished her a happy day and kissed her good-bye.  

It was weird having almost an entire day without Hayley at home.  Kindergarten was only half-day.  When lunch time rolled around, I missed her.  So did Ryan.  She [Ryan] was cranky for most of the day.  Still not sure what that was all about.  It finally came time to retrieve Hayley from school.  It was also my first time dealing with pick-up at school since we never had to compete with anyone but the other half-day kindergarten parents last year.  It was a little crazy, but I'm sure things will be rolling more smoothly in the days ahead.  

Hayley was a little quiet at first, but then told us about her first day.  She said it was awesome and that she got to have recess twice.  She also told us that it was a long day, something she will have to get used to now.  She told us that her favorite part of the day was lunch.  So cute.  Hayley was also a little bummed about the lack of homework, that's my girl.  She made new friends and met up with old ones from last year as well.  I am eager to see what this year will bring for Hayley, she thrives in school.  Even though my days are a little emptier without her home; I love having her in school because she really does enjoy it so much and I love a good routine.  All in all, it's shaping up to be a good year.   

First day, new outfit!

Must have lunch bag and hoodie!

Her desk.

Ready to learn!

Time for Mommy to go!

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