September 20, 2010

Mondays are Mean

I had a busy weekend, very busy.  It was non-stop.  Two birthday parties, a hair appointment, Ryan became sick, needed a babysitter last minute, baby boy to nurse, my sister and her boyfriend visiting, the mall, etc...  It was fun, but a bit much.  I still can't believe we crammed all of that into two days.  I was actually looking forward to Monday.  Mondays always get such a bad wrap, but I said: "bring it on!"  Hayley would be away at school and I could get some things done around the house.     

Ha!  Maybe it's not a good idea to look forward to a Monday.  Monday is mean.  I started to feel a little off Sunday night.  I figured that maybe it was from being so busy the last few days.  Sure enough, I woke up sick this morning.  I must have caught Ryan's virus.  I stayed in bed as long as a possibly could and then got myself out of bed and got the kids ready for the day.  After I took Hayley to school I had to run Jack over to the hospital for a blood draw to check his anemia.  It was pouring rain, not a big surprise here, I know.  

Parking was non existent, not a spot available.  I just parked along the side, where I was not in the way.  I loaded Ryan and Jack into the stroller and tried to get into the hospital as quickly as I could.  Still got soaked, but oh well.  Jack was checked in and we headed off to the lab.  As I handed the technician the paper work, I commented that we were back for another heel prick.  Much to my horror, she told me that babies his age had their blood drawn from their arms.  Seriously...he's a baby.  Prick his foot.  Don't stick a big needle in his little tiny arm.  That's how it's lame.

Soon it was our turn.  Ryan stood next to me while I sat in the lab chair.  I had Jack propped on the arm rest while he leaned against me.  He already wasn't happy because he was hungry.  One nurse held his arm still while the other searched for a vein to poke.  I couldn't even watch.  I just held him tight and held onto his free hand.  He screamed and wailed.  I quickly glanced over and saw the little tube drawing out his blood into the vial.  My eyes filled with tears as my baby boy screamed and turned increasingly brighter shades of red.  The entire time, Ryan talked to Jack telling him it was okay and sternly reminding the lab techs to be gentle.  Finally, after what seemed like far too long, they were done and Jack got a Scooby-Doo bandage.  I held him close until he calmed down.  I had to be careful too, I didn't want him to catch my cold.  

I packed up the kids again, got soaked getting out to the car and drove home.  An hour or so later the phone rang, it was the hospital.  It was too soon for the results and normally our pediatrician calls with those.  I answered, curious.  Basically, there was a problem with one of the vials, they wouldn't be able to run the test and that I needed to bring my baby back again.  I didn't fly off the handle, but I wasn't happy.  I think this cold really has clouded my perception, because I was really calm about it.  That's not always normal for me, especially when it comes to my kids. 

Sadly, I have to take Jack back to the hospital tomorrow for another round.  I was really hoping today would be the last time they would have to check his blood for anemia.  Especially since today's whole process was harder on Jack and me.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be done and the results will show that Jack is no longer anemic.  Let's hope.  Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow.  Hopefully Jonas will bring me home some Chinese food for dinner, I always crave Chinese when I'm sick.  Hopefully my house will not fall apart while I'm sick.  Hopefully we will get the same lab technician tomorrow that was so quick with Jack today.  Hopefully Tuesday won't be so mean.  And I was so looking forward to Monday.          


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