September 9, 2010

My Thoughts this Thursday

It was my third day of being minus one child for most of the day and it's a bit weird at times.  I find myself checking the clock to see if it's time to leave and go pick up Hayley from school.  I am busying myself with things around the house, goofing off on the Internet, entertaining Ryan and taking care of Jack.  Ryan has been doing fairly well and isn't too anxious while her sister is away.  I think she enjoys having her brother all to herself and getting into Hayley's stuff. 

It's also been a bit difficult shuffling around Jack's schedule to where he isn't too fussy when we have to make our two daily trips to Hayley's school  There's no bus service since she goes to the co-op.  I still can't believe that picking her up takes nearly an hour, it's definitely better to get there early, wait and avoid that massive line.  I found myself sorting through my coupons while waiting in line yesterday.  Again, most co-op kids don't ride the bus, so lots of parents driving to and from.  My poor Jack is usually ready to be out of his car seat by the time we get home.

When Hayley was in kindergarten, it always seemed like there was never enough time to get things done before it was time to go and pick her up again.  Now that she is gone most of the day, I have some free time.  I'm finding myself obsessed with laundry, cooking, cleaning and my younger two kiddos.  I leave little time for myself.  I've come to discover that the time after we get home from school is so rushed and a bit chaotic.  Homework will be coming home soon, dinner will have to cooked, bath time, bedtime, nursing Jack, etc...  I am eager for a good routine.  It's only the beginning of the school year and hopefully that routine will take shape soon.  I am feeling a little lost without it.     

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