September 17, 2010

Preschool for Ryan

Where did those three years go?  They seemed to have passed so quickly.  I'm in utter disbelief knowing that my Ryan is in preschool.  I'm even more dismayed that she's taken to it so well.  Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that she has had no problem with this transition, but I really did expect her to be a little more anxious about the whole thing. 

Ryan's first day of preschool was yesterday.  She was very excited about the whole ordeal.  We picked out an outfit, had some breakfast, took pictures and got her all ready to go to school.  We all went, as a family, to see her off.  When we arrived at her school she was eager to get to her class.  Once they were allowed in, she ran to grab a puzzle.  I reminded her to get her name for the wall and showed her where to hang her bag.  After all of that, she returned to her table to play with the puzzle.  I took a few more pictures and talked to her a little bit.  Jonas kissed her goodbye since he had to get going to take Hayley to school.

After he left, she still sat at her table and worked away on her puzzle.  Ignoring me.  Breaking my heart.  I told her I was going to get going and kissed her good bye.  She ignored me a little more.  She was content with her puzzle.  I again told her I was leaving and that I would be back a little later for her; she gave me a content, no fear, mommy I'm fine look and returned to her puzzle.  I guess it was my cue to go.  I bit back my tears and walked out the door.  I glanced back a few times to see if anything had changed, but no.  She was fine.  I had my moment back in my car.

Even with all her shyness and occasional clinginess, I was shocked at how she just seemed to ease right into preschool.  I didn't expect it at all.  Hayley was always to eager to be at school, learn new things and be with her friends.  Ryan is usually timid, analyzes situations and is cautious before fully taking part.  She was definitely shy around the other children, but wasn't fearful of the situation.  Maybe it's because she wants to be like her sister, who knows.  Even though I was sad she didn't need me more, I was really proud of her for being such a big girl. 

When I picked her up later that morning, she told me about the song on Hayley's iPod that they got to dance and sing too.  (Laurie Berkner's; We are the Dinosaurs)  She told me that she had colored, played outside and had a snack.  Her papers were all colored with yellow, her favorite color. She wanted to know where was her homework so she could do it with Hayley in the afternoon.  When I asked if she wanted to go back tomorrow, she told me yes.   Today she was just as eager to go back.  She greeted her teacher with a hug and let me kiss her good-bye.   

I'm hoping this year will help her over come some of her shyness.  I love seeing her with kids her own age, even though all her classmates tower over her.  I now see how small she is compared to other 3 year olds.  Ryan is a little bummed she has to wait until Thursday to go back to preschool, since Hayley gets to go to school five days a week.  And again, I was a bit saddened that it went so well, but that's just me being a little selfish at letting go.  I'm also proud and looking forward to seeing all the ways she will grow over this next year.  Here's to a great first year of preschool for Ryan!

Her new outfit.

Check out my tote!

All ready to go.

Hayley wanted to take a picture with Ryan.

Her name tags!

She hung up her hoodie and tote.

Jonas wishing her a good first day and telling her bye.

Working away on a puzzle.

 Ignoring me... 

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