September 28, 2010

Two Front Teeth

In less than 24 hours Hayley has lost her two front teeth.  They've been loose for a while now and are finally gone.  After much convincing, wiggling, negotiating, tooth fairy reminders; Hayley finally pulled the first one out on Sunday night.  Yeah!  Monday morning she woke up to $2 and a pack of Trident gum.  She was very excited to show her teacher and friends at school her 'new' smile.  When she arrived home from school yesterday, her other front tooth was just hanging there.  She was working on freeing it, but was having problems pulling it out and got discouraged when it bled a little.  And I wasn't about to pull it out because that freaks me out  Soon, Aunt Dana arrived and told Hayley she would pull it out.  Hayley tilted her head back, Dana got a hold of it and: Poof!  It was out!  Hayley didn't even realize that Dana had gotten it out.  Soon the tooth was bagged and under her pillow waiting to be retrieved by the Tooth Fairy. 

This morning she woke up to $3 under her pillow.  She's now contemplating whether to spend her money or to save it for a much wanted DS game.  She's usually really great about saving her money, but this time it seems to be burning a whole is her pocket.  The funniest part about this whole thing is the way she is talking.  Her little toothless lisp is so freaking cute.  She exaggerates the lisp when I ask her to say certain things, but I really get a kick out of it when she's just talking about whatever is on her mind; forgetting about her temporary speech impediment.  I also wanted to share a photo, it's not the greatest because I took it with my Blackberry.  I would take a better one, but she's at school at the moment  More importantly, Hayley is so cute without her two front teeth.

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