October 14, 2010

Baby Jack - Four Months

My baby boy is now a little over four months old.  Wow!  It seems like that time has just flown by.  Jack is a happy baby.  He smiles at any one that talks to him.  He coos and squeals.  He beginning to giggle and crack-up.  I love it.  He adores his sisters and smiles as soon as they begin to love on him or talk to him.  And he always has a smile for his Daddy.  Jack just began sleeping in his crib and that has gone really well.  His sleeping pattern has been a little off lately, but it looks like he is getting a couple teeth.  Between all the drool and his constant need to have his hand in his mouth, I'm not surprised.  Hopefully it won't be too hard on him.

Jack has completed our family perfectly.  It's funny, we have a boy now and people are constantly describing him as "pretty."  I prefer to call him handsome, but he really is pretty.  His eyes are turning into a dark brown shade and he has lashes that any girl would die for.  He has that awesome olive complexion like Hayley and his hair has remained pretty dark and full.  Yes, I am partial, but my boy really is a good looking one.

His four month well check went really well.  He only cried for a few moments after his shots and calmed down as soon as I was able to hold him close.  His pediatrician said he is doing really well.  He's no longer anemic, so no more yucky drops!  As for stats:
  • Weight 14lbs 15oz - 55th percentile
  • Length 26 inches - 50th percentile
  • Head circumference 16.5 inches - 50th percentile
So, overall he's doing great.  He's so much bigger than the girls were at this age.  Ryan didn't hit 15 pounds until she was six months old and Hayley was even older.  People tell me that it's because he's a boy.  All I know is that Jack's an awesome baby.  Everyone in the family is so in love with him.  I can't hardly blame them, because he has certainly captured my heart.

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Drea said...

I can't believe he's already 4 months old! Isn't it funny that waiting to hold him feels like forever and now, as soon as he is here, the time just flies? While you are partial, you are not wrong--he is one handsome boy!

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