October 31, 2010

The Carving of the Pumpkins

Before Halloween, there were three trips to the local pumpkin patches and one quick stop at a produce vendor.  A few week ago we headed to a local pumpkin patch with some friends.  It was super chilly and we decided not to stay too long because it was far too cold for Baby Jack.  He was not a happy boy.  I was hoping to get all traditional pictures we got in the pumpkins when we took the girls for the first time, but again, he was not happy.  At all.  So, I took a few and hope for a warmer weekend next year! 

See how happy he looked!

He just wanted to go home!
Ready to find the perfect pumpkin!!

After our family trip, both girls had school field trips to the pumpkin patch.  Neither Jonas or I could attend these.  Siblings aren't allowed and Jack still has a hard time with a bottle.  I was really bummed about Ryan's since it was her first field trip with her preschool.  But, I know there will be opportunities to go on other field trips with her throughout the year.  And Hayley too.  My baby boy needs me right now.

Last weekend, we carved our pumpkins.  It's one of my favorite things to do for Halloween.  I love to light them up the weekend before Halloween comes.  And the girls love it too.  Jonas was a little less enthusiastic about the pumpkin carving.  Infact, when he was a kid, they just drew on their pumpkins.  Lameness... 

Before Hayley's field trip and my trip to the produce stand.
And we're all done!
And this is what Baby Jack did while we carved pumpkins!

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Tony and Becca said...

Hi Lacy! I just recently stumbled upon your blog. You have a beautiful family! I have to say that the look on Jack's face in the first picture is PRICELESS! Your kids are just adorable!

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