October 31, 2010

The Richmeier Bugs

I am one of those moms that likes to have themes for their children's costumes.  It's fun, it's cute.  It makes me happy.  Maybe not my kids, but hey, they are getting candy.  Last year, Hayley was Mary and Ryan was her lamb.  It was so cute.  Click here to see how right I am.  However, the lamb costume did not make Ryan happy, at all.  So, last year, I swore to her that she could be anything that she wanted for Halloween this year.  I was really hoping for a pirate theme this year, but she refused.  She wanted to be a ladybug.  Hayley wanted to be Alice, then the white queen, or maybe Alice.  Jack could be the blue caterpillar or even the Mad Hatter.  I asked Ryan if she would be my red queen and told her she could run around shouting; "Off with your head!"  Again, she told me no and that she wanted to be a ladybug.  She wasn't budging and I had promised. 

After I saw a cute bumble bee outfit for Jack, I decided that bugs would be a cute theme.  I just had to get Hayley on board with the idea.  First, she told me no.  I showed her some cute outfits online and she finally yielded.  Especially when her BFF said that she was going to be fairy and that they would both have wings if Hayley was a butterfly.  Yes!  Victory!

I got my theme.  The Richmeier Bugs it was!!  I got a great deal on Hayley's butterfly costume, it was marked down to $14.99 the day I ordered it and Jack's bee costume.  My friend Emily sent me her daughter's adorable ladybug costume from the year before.  It was a Pottery Barn costume, score!!  Ryan loved it and refused to take it off for a couple hours after it had arrived in the mail.

The kid's made good use out of their costumes.  We spent Friday night at Hayley's school attending the Monster Mash, where Ryan also won for best costume in her age group!!  She won a $5 gift certificate to Cold Stone.  Hayley almost won, it was between her and another girl.  I was a judge by the way, but I did not sway the vote!  Yesterday we went to the local downtown district where the kids were able to trick-or-treat at the local shops. 

And today, was the big day!  The girls were excited all day for trick-or-treating.  When dusk came, we set out in our neighborhood.  Jack only lasted halfway, my poor little bumble-bee needed a nap.  Hayley was ready to go home shortly after Jack, she complained about her feet hurting.  Ryan, on the other hand, was determined and had no plans of stopping.  She went to every house with a light on in the loop we made.  Even after tripping and scrapping her knees twice, she wanted her candy!  At three, she's a pro!

All-in-all, it was a fun weekend.  My parents are also in town visiting, so it made it that much more special.  They got to be with Jack for his first Halloween and spend it with the girls as well.  And my Richmeier Bugs were so cute!!  Now, I have another year to decide on next year's theme and get Ryan convinced.  She already told me that she wants to be a ladybug next year too.         

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EnVii said...

too cute!! glad ryan enjoyed the day!.. they are cuties

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