October 22, 2010

Ryan's Dream

As I was laying in bed trying to convince myself to get up and start my day, I heard Ryan shout for her sister.  Ryan then jumped out of her bed to look for Hayley, she obviously had something important to share with her.  After locating Hayley downstairs, playing her DS, Ryan excitedly tells Hayley that she has a new blue Leapster.  (Ryan has a Leapster Explorer that she got for her birthday back in August.)  Hayley, like her momma in always having to be right, bluntly tells Ryan that no, she did not.  Ryan, fiesty and convinced, yells at Hayley and tells her that she did in fact get a new blue Leapster.  Arguement ensues.

All the while, Jonas and I are listening to this exchange from upstairs.  Honestly, we were confused.  Ryan's really not one to make up stories and she did not get a new Leapster.  Before Ryan's and Hayley's discussion become heated, I called her upstairs, Hayley followed.  I asked her if she had had a dream about her Leapster.  She nodded her head and told me she had gotten a new blue Leapster.  And Hayley butted in and said; "no you didn't Ryan."  (And she pronounced Ryan like Ryy-Annnn! Attitude and all.)  Jonas and I both told Hayley to be quiet and leave Ryan alone.

It was too late!  Ryan looked up at me with her big eyes and frowny face, tears began to well up in her eyes and her face was becoming increasingly red.  I told her that it was okay.  She told me again, in her tiny hurt feeling voice that she did get a new blue Leapster.  Jonas, in a smart move, announced that it was time for breakfast; in an effort to change the subject.  Thankfully, it worked, until my smarty-pants -has-to-get-the-last-word-in Hayley told Ryan that she didn't get a new Leapster.  That it was only a dream.  Uh!  I had to resist the urge to smack Hayley upside the head, it really wasn't necessary to rub it in since Ryan was so clearly confused.  My poor Ryan just didn't understand and was upset about the situation. 

It's late afternoon now.  I asked Ryan about her dream a little while ago and she told me again, that she had gotten a new blue Leapster.  She really does believe that she got a new one and doesn't realize that it was only a dream.  She has even looked for it around the house.  Jonas and I are both at a loss of how to explain to her that she just had a dream and that it wasn't real.  Thinking back, I remember dreams from my childhood and truly believing that it had happened.  That I had really received whatever it was that I had dreamt about.  It was so real.  Heck, I still have dreams like that as an adult.  But I also know that when I wake up, it was only a dream. 

While it's endearing and somewhat comical that Ryan is so convinced by her dream, it's also a little sad because there's no way to get her to understand that it was only a dream.  She's only three, we just have to go with it and let her figure it out.  It broke my heart a little when she couldn't find her blue Leapster and became upset about it.  I know she'll let it go and move on, but what am I going to do when she dreams about getting a pony? 

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