November 10, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 10 - My Week

I'm changing the order around on my blog challenge subjects.  I want to save today's for Saturday, you will understand why after reading further.  So far, my week's been busy.  Sunday was the last full day my parents were in town.  We decided to stay in and just spend the day together.  We made red beans and rice, one of my favorites.  My parents even brought up my favorite brand of beans to use.  They don't sell that brand up here and the one's up here have to soak all night.   

And then Monday, it was time for them to fly home.  It was a tough morning.  I always thought that saying good-bye was hard for me, but now I find it much harder to watch Hayley tell them good-bye.  She cries and cries.  It's so sad.  I let her make the decision whether or not to go to school later that day.  She was already going to miss half the day and I didn't mind either way.  At first she told me no, that she was too sad.  I told her it might make her feel better to see her friends and she decided she would attend.  When I picked her up that afternoon, her teacher told me she had done well that day.  She was happier, but still a little crabby.  Ryan has also been a little bummed since my parents went home.  She keeps asking for them.  She wonders where they are.  She's only three, she's figuring it out.

I finally got to start Fable III!  Jonas bought it for me when it was released, but I wasn't able to start it.  With my parents visiting, there was no time.  So far, it's fun.  Different than the last one, but we'll see.  It's was new addiction, be warned. 

And Tuesday, was just busy.  I didn't even get to the Wii Fit.  I was busy cleaning my house and getting the laundry done.  Before I knew it, it was time to get Hayley and return home to make dinner.  It also happened to be the night of the monthly co-op meeting at Hayley's school.  Which meant; get the kids started on dinner, eat dinner as quickly as possible for myself, feed Jack and leave for the meeting.  The meeting was normal; a little drama is the classroom meeting, but things were accomplished.  And then I returned home and picked up the house.  No time for Fable III, lameness.

I still have more cleaning to do and other things to get done this week.  I also have something to look forward too.  Jonas is taking me out for my birthday this weekend.  And I have absolutely, no clue, where he is taking me or what we'll be doing.  He bought me a new dress and I'm going get new shoes too.  And I'm getting my hair done.  I was also told to get a mani/pedi if I wanted.  He has a babysitter lined up and when I offered to make dinner arrangements for the girls, he told me that he would take care of it.  Wow!  I'm excited and very curious.  Only three more days till the big reveal.  I will blog all about it!

This week started out sad, but it looks like it will be ending on a good note! 


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