November 11, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 11 - My Siblings

I have three siblings, I'm share the middle with my older sister.  I have an older brother and two sisters.  They all live in different areas of the country, so we don't get to see each other often enough.  Let me introduce them to you.

Michal: The Oldest

Michal, his wife Heather and baby Michal.
Michal has a few years on the rest of us and he's always taken the role of protective older brother VERY seriously.  Michal is an exceptional artist.  (You can see his artwork HERE!)  He's a great carpenter; along with that, a perfectionist, and he is never happy unless something is done right.  Years ago, I asked him to build me a book shelf, it took FOREVER!  I also wanted a desk, but didn't want to wait.  I still have that shelf, it's down in my den, I love it.  It's beautiful and it's something he made for me. 

Michal likes to hunt and fish, he's the outdoorsy type.  I remember many early mornings where he and my Dad would go out to hunt for deer or elk.  He loves good music and good food.  He grew up in the South and Colorado.  He's very much the laid back Southerner that also has a no fear attitude on the ski slopes.  He loves a good joke and is laughes a lot.  He's a story teller and has spun countless stories of the crazy things he and our cousins did as kids.  No wonder having a boy was a little frightening for me.     

Michal found his soul mate, Heather, a few years ago.  They've been married almost three years.  Michal is a father of three.  The older two come from Heather's first marriage, but Michal loves Joshua and Shannon like his own.  And then there's baby Michal, the spitting image of my older brother.  Michal has always been a happy person, but I've never seen him happier since he met Heather and started a family.  It suits him.

Michelle: The Older Sister

Michelle and her oldest, McKenzie
 Michelle is a wife and a mother of three.  Her family is very important to her.  Most of her weekends are spent with her husband Johnny and the kids.  Or at a birthday party.  They're always busy.  Michelle is fun, she loves to laugh and have a good time.  She's a great cook too.  Michelle is an organized person with a labeled pantry where everything has it's place.  Her refrigerator is the same.  She's happiest in the South and is a Momma's girl.  She's always been independent and works very hard for everything she has.  She has a strong work ethic and is incredibly dependable. 

One thing that stand out to me about my older sister is her role as a mother.  Michelle became a mother soon after she graduated high school.  There are so many people in her situation that don't take it for what it really is; a child that you're now responsible for and a lot of hard work.  Michelle embraced her role as a mother and never wavered.  Things were not always easy, but McKenzie was always put first.  McKenzie is now a teen and a great kid.  McKenzie and her siblings are very lucky to have my sister as their mother; because she always has and will be there for them.  Michelle is an awesome mother and I've always looked up to her as one.

Dana: The Baby

Dana is the youngest.  She is one of my best friends.  We're complete opposites, but we've shared a lot.  She embraced her role as the pesky younger sister and always knew how to get under my skin.  I knew how to push her buttons too.  We fought as kids, but we loved each other too.  Even today, it's nice to get a little argument in here and there.  Even with that being said, I know she will always be there for me. 

In her 26 years, she's been through a lot.  She moved all over the country.  She lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.  Started her life over after a 6 year relationship.  She is by no means lost, I just think she likes to wander.  She's a free spirit with a gift for poetry and art.  She's very much like our older brother; there's never been a hurry to settle down.  She not as feisty as she likes people to think.  She's loves tattoos and plans for many more.  She's her own person and doesn't like to fit the mold.


So, there they are, my siblings.  I love each of them dearly and miss them every day.  


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