November 15, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 15 - My Dreams

I have dreams, aspirations, a to-do list of sorts... And I have unknowns... One day I want to return to the work force, but I don't know in what capacity.  I've never had a career, I chose to be a momma and stay at home with my children.  I have never regretted that choice.  As a stay-at-home-mom, there is a certain dream I have.  It's nothing extravagant, though those dreams exist too, this is just something simple.

I dream of a day, where I get to sleep in a little later.  Not to be woken up by children wanting breakfast or looking for their portable video gaming system.  A morning, where I can wake up when I'm ready.  I'm a morning person, but a little more sleep is always welcome.  And then, go on with my day with children that listen and do everything I ask of them without argument.  Children that listen the first time.  I just need a day where the girls play nicely all day, forget petty arguments and give me a little peace.  A day where Baby Jack takes a couple long naps and stays his happy little self.  The laundry is done and put away.  I get to all those things I've been meaning to get to or want to do.  I get to play Fable III, or work on my blog or get lost in a book.  Oh and I'm having a good hair day.  All without interruption.  I cook a wonderful meal that the girls eat with out bargaining or voicing their opinions of dislike.  Jonas gets home at a resonable hour.  The kids turn in early.  Jonas and I get time to ourselves to cuddle on the couch and watch TV.  And then, I get to sleep, without Baby Jack waking up until the next morning.  A pleasant day, free of chaos; where everything that needs to be done is finished.  A day with three happy compliant children.   

I laugh as I write this.  It sounds good, but I think I might believe there is something wrong with my girls if they didn't argue a little each day.  If I did get my way all the time, I wouldn't appreciate the time I did have to relax or get lost in a book.  I always appreciate a good hair day though.  A little chaos is welcome, but some days it can be overwhelming.  It's a simple dream, but it's also asking for a lot.

As for other dreams, I dream of vacationing in Europe one day.  And Hawaii.  I dream of building my dream house.  I dream of retiring in San Diego with Jonas one day, where we can take long walks on the beach.  Find a home on the beach and watch the sun set over the ocean.  I dream of my children one day getting married and having children of their own.

Those are a few of my dreams.  What do you dream about?

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