November 17, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 17 - Favorite Memory

There is one particular memory that stands out to me; it was a happy moment, after a long few months of anxiety and worry.  After many tears and prayers.  It was a moment that was calm.  It was welcome.  The anxiety and worry had all faded, hope and wonder over took me.  It was the day after Jack was born.  I waited all morning for my mom to bring the girls to meet their new baby brother.  They both came in my room looking for their baby brother.  They were happy, curious and anxious to meet him.  We had to postpone introducing the girls to Jack a day since Hayley had spent the night before his delivery in the ER.  (Read the story HERE.)

Jonas sat them down on the couch and brought baby Jack over to his sisters.  Hayley and Ryan were very excited to meet their baby brother.  They just looked at him for a little while.  They were both smiling.  They commented on how cute he was and his littleness.  They showered him with kisses.  They were in awe.  They loved him.     

I look back on that memory and I smile.  It was at that time that my family was complete.  Our family of five.  It was a happy and joyous time for us.  It was made even better because my mom was able to share it with us as well.  In that room, Jonas, my mom and I watched them all together on that couch.  Over there on that couch, were my three children, my loves.  Even after all I went through to bring Jack into this world, it was all okay at that moment.  The stress, anxiety, depression, pain and tears were all forgotten in that moment.  My prayers had been answered.  We were all there together; happy and healthy.  That was what really mattered.  The healing process could begin and our life as a family of five had already started. 

The girls meeting Jack.

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Becky said...

It was one of my wonderful days. Oh! He's so Cute!!!

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