November 18, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 18 - My Favorite Birthday

It's so appropriate that today's subject is "my favorite birthday" since today, is in fact, my birthday.  And it was a pretty darn good one at that.  So, I have two favorite birthdays to share in this post. 

First One:

Jonas has been doing a really good job of making me feel special this week, the surprise party, new dress, hair, pampering, etc.  It's been great.  Tonight was pretty awesome too.  After Hayley got out of school we stopped at the mall to pick up a gift my mom had waiting for me, thanks mom!  And then, I spent my birthday money from my mother-in-law and bought myself a Kindle.  It's white, it's so pretty.  I actually bought one for Jonas' birthday, which is tomorrow, and decided that I also wanted one of my own.  Then we stopped for a quick dinner at Panda Express.  I had the hardest time deciding on what to eat.  At first it was Chipotle's and then I saw the Panda Express next door.  It was fate, it was delish.  And the girl's ate without arguement, asked for seconds.   

And the best part, we drove into Seattle for a Trophy Cupcake.  I had the chocolate peanut butter.  Mmmm...  And a hot chocolate, they make their own marshmallows.  I was with my family and we had such a nice evening together.  It was peaceful, the girls were so kind to each other and sweet to me.  Baby Jack was content.  Jonas was awesome and let me do whatever I wanted.  It's been a really special birthday for me.  I love my family for making it so great.

Second One:

As for the other favorite birthday, it was five years ago.  Jonas and I always celebrated out birthdays together since his is the day after mine.  Before kids, we always made a big weekend of it.  Hayley was a baby then and my parents agreed to keep her over night for us.  Jonas and I booked a room at a super swanky hotel for the night in Colorado Springs.  We had dinner together, saw the latest Harry Potter film at the IMAX and then went to hang out with friends for the rest of the night.  Our friends took us out for drinks, it was so much fun.  After our outing, there was champagne and strawberries in our room waiting for us.  So romantic.  And the next morning we went to a little French Cafe and had awesome crepes for breakfast.  Hayley was a little peeved at us for abandoning her, but it was worth it.       

Those would have to be my favorite birthdays.  The second was the last time Jonas and I were able to get away for more than a few hours without kids.  It was an awesome weekend for us, but we still missed our baby girl waiting for us at home.  And tonight was also a favorite because I spent it with my family.  Now, here's to a new happy year!  And to begin my countdown to turning thirty!


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