November 19, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 19 - A Regret

I do not like regrets. I do not like to carry things around. I try my best to let things go and move on with life. I believe there are reasons for why things happen. It shapes a person. Even with all of that being, I do have a few regrets.

The one that sticks out in my mind the most is my almost college degree. When I left college, I was only a few classes short of my degree. Something I could have easily finished in a semester. Most of those classes were not even senior level. My senior paper was finished my junior year. I am only a few credits shy of having my B.A. in History. Funny though, I really have no plans on using that degree if I ever do finish it. I don't want to teach. I would like to work with archives, but that involves even more school. Uh...

My last year in college was rough, in many ways. Jonas and I had a big financial upset. We had to move in with his parents. That move, made my trek to college take more than an hour each way. Our world had come crashing down around us and our new reality was harsh. Soon, we found out we were expecting out first child and knew things had to change. And we did, Jonas started his career with a great company and we were able to get our own place.

However, things were still difficult. Handling all of that and college became incredibly difficult; I had to drop my classes. I was able to finish some, but there were some that remained incomplete. I hoped to complete them on my own time, but I never found the time. And later those imcompletes turned to failed. That was a bigger blow to me, I never failed anything. Soon though, my life changed that August when my Hayley was born. I had new priorities. Even when I was in college I knew that I wanted to stay home with my children when they were young.

That's my regret, but I do not dwell on it nearly as much I did before. I look back on that time in my life and look at what I have now. And I am okay. Those F's still haunt me. And I'm annoyed that I'm so close to actually having my degree. BUT, I wouldn't change a thing. I know I can always go back when I'm ready and finish my degree. I know I will be ready soon, but right now, I'm happy where I am.

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Grace Matthews said...

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

Regrets are hard to live with. I have a few myself.

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