November 21, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 21 - Another Moment

The forecast today calls for possible snow showers.  Hayley has been giddy all morning with the possibility.  Last year it only snowed once and it was only a dusting.  Hayley was always hoping for snow, but it never happened.  She was a bit disappointed, but still held out hope for snow.  This year, there's already talk of snow and soon.  It's already blanketed the mountains.  She's been wishing the last few days for snow.  Snow for a snowman, snow to play-in; she is just hoping for a lot of snow.

I love the snow.  I'm not a fan of driving in it, but I love snow.  It's so pretty.  I love waking up in the morning to the whiteness of it and when it clings to the branches of the trees.  Seeing it blanketed in my yard, still untouched, it's simply beautiful.  Though, I was hoping it would hold off for a little while, I have a photo shoot in the afternoon.  It's hard to take pictures when it's super cold outside, although it's beautiful too.

Earlier this morning I was in the kitchen doing some dishes when I looked up out the window and saw the snow flakes.  It was snowing.  I had mixed feelings about it.  I thought about how much my hand were probably going to hurt while taking pictures later on, but then I remembered how excited the girls were going to be when they would see the flakes falling.  I informed Jonas and he ran upstairs to get the girls.

Hayley knew and asked right away if it was snowing.  They headed to the back door and began to burst with excitement.  Plans of snowball fighting and snowman building began to get discussed.  Jonas and I told them not to get ahead of themselves, it had to accumulate first.  Even with that being said, they got their boots on and ran outside to catch snowflakes.  It was so cute.

That moment was so awesome to share with the girls.  Even if it wasn't what I wanted, it didn't matter because of the giggles and smiles that came from my girls.  Their hopes and plans for the snow that had not yet collected was more than enough to put a smile on my face.  So my hands may ache a little when I am out shooting pictures later on today, but I too, hope for a lot more snow for my girls to play in later.       

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