November 30, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 28 - Something I Miss

That's easy.  Since moving to Washington a little over four years ago, we created an enormous distance between most of our family and friends.  Some are in Colorado, some are in Louisiana and Mississippi.  They're far, far away.  And while I love the life we've built up here, all of the people we left behind are missed. 

I miss the easiness and comfort of those friendships, the people that have known me for so long.  I wish my family were closer because of my kids.  I don't like the fact my daughters aren't able to be close with my best friend's daughter.  I miss shopping trips with my mom and sister.  I miss nights out with old friends. 

Life up here is bittersweet.  While I miss all the things I mentioned above, I wouldn't change my life.  Ryan and Jack were born here.  We've made some awesome friends up here and our roots grow deeper into this place day by day.  This place has become our home and we're happy here.  Moving away was one of the hardest things we ever did, but it was worth it.   

But to my family and friends, please know you are missed and loved.       

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