November 3, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 3 - My Parents

My parents are Michal and Becky.  They've been married for a little over 30 years and they're still in love.  They still kiss each other good-bye, even if one of them is just running out for a quick errand.  They still hold hands when they out and about.  It's pretty awesome to see two people that love each other so much after all these years.

While my family and I reside in the Northwest, my parents live down South.  It's hard, I wish they were here to be around my children.  People with their family so close don't realize how lucky they are.  Even with the great distance between us, my parents make every effort to be involved in my kids' lives.  They call, send letters, gifts and visit whenever they can.  The times were are together, we make sure to make the most of it. 

My Dad works very hard, every day.  He believes in doing a job right the first time and always produces quality work.  He's a Saint's fan and was brought to tears at their Super Bowl win last year.  He's a great cook.  Whenever he visits or I visit, I always request my favorites.  He loves my mom with all his heart.  Growing up, my dad always had stories to tell of when he was growing up.  He's the oldest of seven and helped his Mom with his siblings.  He's always been there when I needed him.  He's an awesome PawPaw and I love to see how happy he is around his grandchildren.  My kid's really adore him. 

My Mom was always there for me and still is today.  I talk to her nearly everyday.  Things just aren't right when I've gone over 24 hours without talking to my Mom.  She's also a great cook, I love her fried okra.  And she loves my Dad with all her heart.  She's small in frame, but she can hold her own.  And like my Dad, she's an awesome grandparent.  She was meant to be a MawMaw.  The love she and my Dad have for my kids is amazing.  They're always so happy to have the kids around and take in the time they have with them.      

My parents are great, I'm lucky to have them in my life.  Like anyone else; they've had hard times, but don't give up.  They made a great life for my siblings and I.  I always had an example of two people that truly loved and cared about each other.  Two people that made sure their children always had what they needed and the things they wanted sometimes too.  Two people that set a stellar example for me of what it is to be a good parent.  I want my kids to have what my parents gave me.  Love, happiness, respect for others, open mindedness, dreams, goals and so much more.  I love you Mom and Dad. 

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Joe and Alexis Unnerstall said...

Lacy my dear, I'm loving reading these!!! You've inspired me to start the challenge, and I'm loving it!!! Thanks darlin'!!!! Can't wait to see the next one!

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