November 6, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 6 - My Day

We were supposed to go to Leavenworth today, but the weather turned typical.  I say typical because it's normally cloudy and rainy here in the Northwest.  And since you have to be outside so much in Leavenworth, it wasn't going to work.  Too cold and wet for Baby Jack.  Maybe next time my parents visit we can take them out there.  So here's how my day ended up: 

I started the day by making waffles.  Normally, I make them from scratch, but I decided to take short cut and use a mix.  I should have known this, but mine are much better.  The girls really didn't even care for them and consumed less than half a waffle each.  Normally, they can pack away at least one each.  Fail.

Then, my Mom needed a stamp.  I didn't have one, not even one.  So off to the post office we went.  I was feeling badly about my crappy waffles and stopped for a dark chocolate mocha.  It made me happy and forget about the waffles. 

After that, we returned home to get ready for the rest of the day.  You know; showers, get the kids dressed, diaper bag packed, etc.  Then, we were headed to Snohomish for the afternoon.  But before we could go there, we had to make a stop at Target.  I was on a mission.  Target has the cutest owl jammies right now and we always do jammies on Christmas Eve.  I had already purchased a set for Hayley and myself, but my first three trips to different Targets failed to produce a set in size 2T for Ryan.  And the owls were really for Ryan because she loves owls.  So I was becoming more and more frustrated that each Target didn't have her size or the next.  Thankfully, this Target had a set and were holding them for me.  Thank you Lake Steven's Target!

Finally, we were Snohomish bound.  We were headed to the Snohomish Pie Company.  It's a great place and one of my Mom's favorite things to do when she's out here.  In fact, she's really not happy until we make it out there.  There and Panera.  We had a late lunch there and it was yummy as always.  Sandwiches, soup and, of course, pie.  I tried raspberry pie today, it was delish.  My Mom's favorite is Marionberry, it's really yummy too.  Jonas had apple, my Dad had pecan and Hayley had pumpkin.  Ryan had ice cream, she doesn't like pie, she's weird. 

After that, we shopped at a few local shops.  My Dad bought the girls some cute toys at one of the local shops in Snohomish.  He loves to spoil my kids.  Afterwards, we attempted to make the short 30 minute drive home, but Jack wasn't having it.  He was hungry.  We headed to Starbucks so I could sit down and nurse Jack.  And now, we're home.  Just hanging out and relaxing.  It was a fun day.  I forgot to mention we were also playing a heated game of Slug-bug throughout.  It was girls vs. guys.  Sadly, my Mom and I have been losing.  Which is weird, because normally I can take Jonas.  In fact, I'm pretty damn good at slug-bug.  Being defeated the past week is making me sad.  Maybe it's karma.  My Dad is good, too good.  And I'm getting tired of losing.  I did win today, barely.  Only by a point.  I think Jonas felt bad for me and took an alternate route home where he knew some would be.  It was a hollow victory. 

So, that was my day.  There's actually more, but I thought this pretty much covered the high lights. 

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