November 7, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 7 - My Best Friend

My best friend and I met years ago in high school.  We knew of each other in school, but that was about the extent of it.  One day, our lives became entangled when I took on a new job at a local coffee shop.  I know that we were both thinking; "Oh no.  Not her!"  We were cordial to one another for the sake of our jobs, but we were not friends at the time.  Who knew, that one day we would need each other.

Eventually, we became more than co-workers. I believe a turning point came when our boss had gone out of town.  Our boss hired on a regular customer to open the store and work during the day. I think the customer thought she could be our "manager" while our boss was away.  This "manager" was awful.  She took herself far too seriously in her temporary role.  She got my co-worker fired.  Things were blown out of proportion and, as far as I was concerned, lies were told by the "manager."  I knew things weren't right and spoke with my boss.  In the end, my co-worker got her job back.  After that, a friendship grew.  We realized we liked one another and we had only made assumptions about each other before.  We realized we had things in common and wanted the same things in life.  We understood each other.  We brought out the best in each other.

That's my best friend, Emily.  We've had many fun adventures together throughout the years.  We've had lots of good times and sad times.  We've quarreled and forgiven.  We've laughed and cried.  We stood and spoke at each other's weddings.  I've missed her terribly since we've moved from Colorado.  I actually got to spend some time with her a couple months ago when she came out to visit.  It was a short trip, but it was a lot of fun.  It made me realize how much I missed her.

Emily is a woman of many talents.  Emily is an incredibly gifted photographer.  (Check out her site.)  She's an artist.  She's a devoted wife and mother.  Her family is very important to her.  She's a woman of strong faith.  She sings in her church, she's very good too.  When we still lived in Colorado, I always enjoyed having dinner with her and her husband.  She's a great cook and always has a great presentation at a meal or party.  I remember she would see something in a magazine and be able to reproduce the look.

I miss her.  I hope for her to be able to make an annual trip out here to the Northwest.  Or even meet up somewhere.  It was so refreshing to spend time with her, because she's known me for so long.  She knows my past and understands me.  Like Jonas, she still loves me even when I'm not happy with myself.  It was like it hadn't even been a couple years since we had seen each other.  We just picked up where we'd had left off.  We have so much more to share now too.  We're both wives and mothers.  She still is my best friend and always will be.  Emily, I love you and miss you.    

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emily brumley said...

Love you lace. You mean soooo much to me and my family.

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