November 8, 2010

Blog Challenge - Day 8 - A Moment

I knew today was going to be a difficult day.  My parents were going back home after spending nearly two weeks with my family and I.  We had a wonderful time together.  My parents are very close with my kids.  Even though they're far away in Mississippi, my kids are my parent's world.  (And their other grand babies too!)  Visits don't happen as often as well all would like, but when they do, we make the most of our time together.  And that makes good-byes even harder.

One moment in particular, was hard.  It broke my heart.  Hayley knew she was going to have to say good-bye today her MawMaw and PawPaw today.  She knew we were going to the airport.  She was quiet the whole way to the airport and listened to her iPod on the way there.  After we arrived, my parents checked their bags and we headed off the the security check point.  And the moment came, Hayley knew that the time had come.  She turned to me, buried her face in my side and the tears fell.  She began to cry.  I rubbed her back and told her that the time had come.  The moment all of us had been dreading that morning.  The moment where my parent's trip officially came to a close and a new wait began until we would see each other again. 

Hayley said her good-byes through her tears.  She hugged her grandparents and cried, hysterically.  We all cried, even Jack.  Well, Ryan didn't cry.  When she's upset, she tries to ignore you and won't make eye contact.  People probably all thought we were crazy standing there, all of us crying, trying to let go until next time.  My parents headed over to security, we waved good-bye and left the airport to drive back home.  Hayley cried for nearly an hour after we left the airport, she hated seeing them go.  She knows she will get to see them again too, but like most of us, she's impatient.

Thinking back to that moment, I realized the capacity Hayley has for love.  Even at six, she loves her MawMaw and PawPaw with all her heart.  She misses them when they're away.  She thinks about them all the time.  She calls, write them letters or draws pictures for them.  Hayley also claims that she's moving to Mississippi when she's a grown-up so she can be closer to her MawMaw and her PawPaw.  I also realize, I've taught her well.  I've taught her to cherish the time she spends with them and look forward to the next time they'll be together.  Even though they're far away, there's no reason for them not to be close at heart.

That moment today was sad and heart wrenching, but it shows the power of love.  It was the moment before we said our good-bye that was so hard.  We put our good-byes off for as long as we could, because we were all still together up until that moment.  But that moment came, the time to say good-bye.  I just remind myself, and Hayley, that it is only until next time.  

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Drea said...

That made me tear up! Airport goodbyes kill me. I'm the crazy lady on the plane, sobbing/pathetically walking out of the airport with tears streaming down my face.

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