November 21, 2010

Monday Minute

I'm really looking forward to this week, I get to have two Thanksgivings.  That reminds me that I probably need to take my turkey out of the freezer for Thursday.  I've found it's incredibly difficult to find a small turkey.  For Thanksgiving, I just needed a turkey big enough for Jonas, myself and the girls.  I finally found one around 10-11 pounds, but those don't qualify for the 26 cents sales.  Lame!!  Oh well, I'm looking forward to cooking a big meal for my family on Thursday.  And for our second dinner with friends over the weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Now it's time for Monday Minute with Cristy!

(1) What's your all time favorite book?

I really don't know if I have an all time favorite book.  One of my favorites is The Great Gatsby.  I really love anything that Fitzgerald wrote.  I love the Harry Potter series.  Another favorite would be Stiff by Mary Roach.  It's really fascinating, I highly recommend it!

(2) What are your pets' names?

We have a mini-dachshund and her name is Penny.  Then there is our calico cat that Jonas and I got when we first moved in together, her name is Pearl.  And finally, Bernie the Betta fish.  I'm not sure if Bernie is going to live much longer, he's not looking too great these days.  Or swimming around too much.  He keeps hanging on though.  UPDATE: We found Bernie on the bottom on his bowl this morning.  :(  The girls just want a new fish though.

(3) What kind of undies do you prefer (thong, briefs, boxer briefs...choose depending on your sex)?

Cotton hipsters.

(4) If you could go back in life, what would you now chose to do for a living?

I wouldn't change anything because I am happy being able to stay at home with my kids.  I guess I might go and take some photography courses in college.  I want to have a career in the future, once my kids are in school full time, but I still am not sure what career I want to pursue. 

(5) Do you hit snooze in the morning?

The alarm clock is on Jonas' side of the bed and he usually does.  Even if the alarm is for me, he hits it a couple times for me.  If I have an alarm on my phone, I usually hit it once or twice.  I just can't get up right away.  I even check my email in bed, it helps wake me up some. 


Vhen said...

haven't heard about those books, maybe should look for it. i love reading too..

following you from Monday Minute hope you follow back=)

happy Monday!

Stephanie said...

I love taking photos as well mabe if you were back in time we could take the class together

Birgit said...

I believe most seem to love the snooze unless their kids are the alarm clocks:) The Great Gadsby is an excellent book and I am on #5 of the Harry Potter books

Proud Wifey And Mommii of 3 said...

I too love taking photos and would love to take a class on it. And if I had an alarm other then my kids I'd prolly hit it a few times before finally getting out of bed.

Cristy said...

OOOH NO!! That update is so traumatic! ; ( At least the kiddos weren't horrified.

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