November 28, 2010

Monday Minute

My Christmas tree is up and my holiday decorations are out!  I am nearly done shopping for the kids and have started shopping for my husband.  Hard to believe it is getting that close to Christmas!!  I love seeing my five stockings on the mantel this year, it makes me smile.  The Thanksgiving break was a few days longer due to snow, I can't believe it's already Monday.  I'm not ready to jump back into my routine just yet.  Oh well, might as well start my week with Monday Minute with Cristi!

(1) What's your favorite fast food establishment?

I love Subway and Taco Bell.  And Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  I don't eat fast food often, but sometimes it becomes necessary.  And Subway doesn't count, because it healthy and delicious.

 (2) What's your favorite sport to watch on TV?  

I'm not a big sport fanatic, but I do like to watch football on occasion.  Geaux Saints!!!  And dear Broncos, you make me sad. 

(3) Do you like mushrooms and onions?

Yes and Yes.  I've always liked onions.  Mushrooms are more of a recent thing; I never liked them as a kid, but I love them now.  And so do the girls.  In fact, I had stuffed mushrooms at The Cheesecake Factory today and they were very good.  
(4) If you had to get a tattoo tomorrow, what would you get done?

I've been wanting a new tattoo, but I'm still nursing.  I have four already and would like a couple more.  My husband is probably shaking his head as he reads this. 

I have a 'h' and a 'r' on my back for Hayley and Ryan.  So I would add a 'j' for Jack to it.  The girls' letters are red with lady bug spots.  Jack's is going to be blue with white stars. 

(5) What are your thoughts on the female proposing marriage to the male?

I honestly don't know.  I'm a little traditional with that.  Jonas proposed to me.  BUT -- if that's what a girl wants to do, more power to her.  It's not something I would have done, nope. 


Birgit said...

that is sweet to have tatoos in honour of your children...and simply done not like ms Jolie although it is nice too what she did

Cristy said...

Have you posted pics of your tattoos before? Those sound so neat!!

Skye said...
Following your blog!
Please follow back!

Lacy said...


Here's a link to a blog post with a picture of that tattoo!

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