November 18, 2010


Today, is the first day, of the last year, of being a twenty-something. I'm not scared about it or fear that this time next year I will be thirty. In fact, I welcome thirty. Although, I don't think I will be singing the same tune ten years from now, Hayley will be sixteen and driving. And dating. Ryan will be thirteen. A teenager. If she's as sassy then as she is now, I'm in trouble. That scares me. A lot. (Laugh with me and say a prayer too.)

However, today I look around and things are good. I have three wonderful kids. I have an awesome husband that has worked incredibly hard making this a great birthday for me. It's been a fun week so far. I don't really know what I imagined my life would be at this age, but I couldn't think of anything better. I wouldn't trade anything for the way it is right now.

We celebrated my birthday last weekend. Saturday started with breakfast, Jonas made awesome crepes. It was his first time making crepes and he did wonderfully. I had no idea what was in store of the rest of the day. I just thought we were going out. Jonas bought me a new dress, gave me cash to get my hair and nails done. I got ready that afternoon. I thought we were just dropping the girls off with our friends for dinner, but it was actually a surprise party. The party was fun, friends attended and we had some cake. I was surprised. I don't think I had the reaction Jonas was hoping for, but I was surprised. And happy. It was great. The girls loved it too. I really loved seeing how excited the girls were about it. After the party, Jonas took me to one of favorite Seattle restaurants, 13 Coins, for dessert. It was just us and Baby Jack, our friend watched the girls. I love their Creme Brulee.

All day, I seriously had absolutely no idea what he was up to, it was all him. That scared me, I usually plan everything. So letting him take the reigns and have no control, was hard for me. For all his effort and his first time planning, he did great. I had a wonderful time and felt very loved. I encourage him to do it again. Thank you Jonas, I love you.

And now, it's my actual birthday. We're still celebrating, there's trip to Godiva planned for later on and hopefully a cupcake too.  I'm also getting a new phone, I just have two more days until I can officially upgrade. This has been a great birthday, one of the best. Thank you to my wonderful husband and kids for making me feel so loved. And thanks to my family and friends for all the birthday wishes. I love you all.


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Linda said...

You are a Scorpio [scorpio horoscope ] and you are so blessed and lucky to have an amazing and wonderful family around you who made your birthday and life as a whole even extra more special. That's the most important above all! Love the pictures! Adorable kids!

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