December 19, 2010

Better Than a Gingerbread House!

I wanted to decorate a gingerbread house this year and I didn't want to decorate one.  It's fun and they're cute.  But... you can't really eat them.  It's just there to look at and soon enough, it's in the garbage.  It just seems like such a waste.  And Hayley made one at school this year.  It was a dilemma, for me atleast.    

I was about set to go and purchase a kit, but then something caught my attention on TV.  I was watching a local show and they were featuring Trophy Cupcakes; which happens to be my favorite place for cupcakes.  Their cupcakes are divine.  Mmm....  Anyways, the owner was showing off her "Deck the Tree Cupcake" and I thought: that's way better than a gingerbread house.  Basically; it's a cupcake with a tree on top that comes with a kit to decorate the cupcake.  Soon enough, I was on the phone placing an order. 

Yesterday, we made our way down to Seattle to pick up our cupcakes.  I didn't tell the girls what we were buying, but Hayley knew something was up as soon as we got to Wallingford.  When I showed her what we were buying she was so excited.  She not only got to decorate a cupcake, she got to eat it.  Again, way better than a gingerbread house!  After we got home, I got the table cleared and our kit supplies ready for our cupcakes.  The girls had a lot of fun decorating their cupcakes.  Jonas even joined us.  There were sprinkles everywhere.  Soon, we had four little Christmas tree cupcakes, they were all so pretty.  And they were yummy too.  Thank you Trophy Cupcake, for an alternative to a gingerbread house!  It was fun and delicious!  This will definitely become a new Christmas tradition for our family.

All the fun things to decorate our cupcakes!


Jonas' Cupcake.

My cupcake.

Ryan's cupcake.

And Hayley's cupcake.

Aren't they cute?!?  Maybe next year I will buy one for Jack.

She really wanted to eat it!



Catalina said...

Heh, looks fantastic! Is that a regular green icing?
On my reader, the first picture looked like it was Martini glasses, and I thought heck yeah, better than gingerbread house. :D

Drea said...

That's so cute! Our gingerbread houses were edible but that's still not as good as a cupcake!

What's in a name.. said...

Hi, Following you from Tuesday Train Blog Hop. Hope you will follow me back too

Ron Cooper said...

Happy holidays! I'm now following your neat blog from Follow Me Back Tuesday. My Facebook page “Inspire” has inspiring messages. Stop by!

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