December 17, 2010

Five Question Friday

I'm getting to this late, this week has just been insane.  I am so glad it is finally Winter Break! 
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1. Do you regift...and if so, do you have a regifting horror story?

I'm guilty, I've done it.  I've received a few of those gift sets, that I never use.  And those usually end up getting put away.  All I have to say is that they come in handy sometimes. 

2. Do you know what you are getting for Christmas this year?

No, I have some ideas, but not really.  I give my husband lots of hints, send him emails and hope he gets it.  I really don't ever want to be the wife that buys her own gifts.  He does really well though, I give him props. 

Oh wait, I know I am getting some Godiva, because I sent my husband over there when we were at the mall. 

3. Who brings the most gifts in your family, you or Santa?

Me.  Santa fills the stockings and brings a big, unwrapped gift.  Maybe two. 

I put presents out under the tree a week after it's up.  I love watching the girls look through the presents and try to figure out what is in the box.  And I'd rather not have to hid everything in my house, I am afraid it would be discovered. 

4. What store do you love to buy jeans from?

Old Navy and Gap.  I also like Cato jeans, they're not too pricey and fit well. 

5. Christmas meal: Big, All Out Meal or Snacks and Apps?

We usually do a big meal and have apps out too.  We've never stuck to the same menu and haven't really figured it out just yet.  I think we're going to get a Honey Baked Ham this year and do sides. 

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