December 7, 2010

Letters to Santa

A couple weekends ago we were out and about, doing a little Christmas shopping at the mall.  While we were strolling through Macy's I saw the mailbox for Letters to Santa.  There was even a desk with paper for the kids to write letters.  I had been meaning to sit down with the girls to write their Santa letters, but thought that this would be more fun.  So we grabbed a few of the letter papers and brought them with us to fill out while we had lunch. 

Hayley was excited and anxious for a pen while we were being seated for lunch.  She quickly filled out her letter.  Jonas filled Ryan's out for her, but she was happy to share her idea for gifts.  I even had stamps in my wallet!  After lunch, we walked through Macy's again to mail the girls' letters.  I'm sad I didn't take any pictures of them mailing them, hopefully I will remember next year.  Ryan was so cute using the lower slot to mail her letter.  But I did take pictures of their letters!  Check them out:

Ryan traced her name and drew the circles. 
And what is with Pillow Pets?!?!  My girls want them and all their friends do too.  Craziness!


Mommy and Daddy said...

My girls love their pillow pets! I had never seen or heard of one until they got them for their birthday.


DrKeppy said...

I bought Evan one thinking he'd feel left out since his cousin is getting one BUT I am frugal so bought the generic version (they have them at BigLots and are still very cute!), but now he says he doesn't want one so I may just take it back anyway!! I personally am not a fan of a pillow without a pillowcase but I'm sure that doesn't bother a kid!

Love the letters to Santa!!

AlessandraH said...

I don't get the pillow pet thing either? My boys are asking for them too! I will check out Big Lots though! Super cute letters to Santa, so sweet!

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