December 10, 2010

Mario Sparkles

Our beloved Bernie Mac Betta fish died a few weeks ago. I actually wrote about him in a post and mentioned he was a little sickly. He died hours later, I had to update my post. Yes, it was only a fish. I know.  But he was Hayley's first pet, she picked him out.  She was a little sad; said a couple words at the toilet bowl when we flushed him out to sea and told EVERYONE she came in contact with that her fish had died.  They sympathized.  It was cute.  But soon, she was asking for a new fish.

It was beginning to get weird looking at the empty fish bowl on the shelf.

Meet the newest member of our family, Mario Sparkles.  He is our new fan-tail Betta fish that Hayley and I picked out today.  Hayley picked out the first name; he's red and she likes Mario.  We decided to let Ryan pick out his middle name.  She pondered for a little while, it was really cute.  And finally, she looked at me very seriously and said: "Sparkles."  So, our new Betta will here-by be known as: "Mario Sparkles!"

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