December 23, 2010

Shark Tooth 2

Just a couple nights ago Hayley yelled out that she had another tooth coming and soon she added that it was behind her baby teeth.  I thought not again.  Sure enough, there was new adult tooth coming in behind some baby teeth on the bottom.  I made an appointment the next morning with her dentist, hoping we could make it in before the end of the year. (I had already paid the deductible for this year.)  Luckily, there was an appointment available the last day they would be in the office for this year.

Hayley's dentist is awesome.  He isn't pushy and he is awesome with kids.  Besides Hayley's adult tooth coming in, she had a loose baby tooth.  She also has another adult tooth coming in and there's not much room for either of them.  He gave me three options.  Option one; just wait and see what happens.  Option two; pull the one baby tooth that is already loose and see what happens.  Option three; pull the loose baby tooth and the two canines to make room for the two adult teeth that are coming.

I went with the third option.  The dentist doesn't phase Hayley, at all.  (Read HERE for her first shark tooth.)  She was looking forward to today's appointment and to the possibility of the Tooth Fairy coming.  Plus, I know her teeth are going to be crowded and I know she is going to need braces one day.  I would really like her teeth to be a normal as they can until that time comes.

Once Hayley learned she was going to have all three teeth extracted, she was excited.  Tooth Fairy dreams probably danced in her head.  They got her prepped and the nitrous was going.   She watched  Bolt while they waited for her mouth to numb.  She was so quiet the whole time.  Until she suddenly yelled out "Styrofoam!!" while watching the movie.  If you've seen Bolt, you should get the reference.  It was funny, you had to be there.

She barely flinched when the dentist used the needle to numb her up.  I was cringing in the corner, thankfully she couldn't see me turn my head.  I laughed a little while she tried to talk, through the gauze, to the dentist.  She was trying to tell him about the guitar she asked Santa for, for Christmas.  He got to work and she only complained a little bit, but soon all three teeth were out and she was fine.  The popsicle they brought her made it even better.  And she got to pick two prizes.  And she got a little treasure box for her teeth.  And the Tooth Fairy is coming.  And tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  And in two days it's going to be Christmas... She's one happy, slightly toothless, kid.

Now that I am thinking about it, Hayley has had more teeth extracted by her dentist than those that have fallen out on their own.  Poor girl.  And poor Tooth Fairy, teeth extracted by the dentist are worth more than the others.  It's a conspiracy.  Even with all of that, she's handled it so well.  No trauma, no anxiety.  She's a rockstar.  For now, we just have to watch for her top teeth and hope those other two baby teeth decide to come out before the adult teeth push their way in.  I hope.


Dharma said...

Way to go Hayley! Tell her she is a ROCKSTAR! Glad you could fit this one in before the end of the year :)

I had the same crowding problem as a kid and had a few extractions myself. I was not as brave as your darling girl ;) She is my hero! I am bookmarking this page so as to show it off to someone who will be 9 in 7 days who has a tooth being pulled know, for some inspiration!

Giveaways 4 Mommy said...

I'm a dental hygienist so I enjoyed reading this story. What a big girl! My middle child loves the dentist too but doesn't care for having teeth pulled. It's a hassle everytime and he's super crowded too. He already has braces on the front top teeth and he's only 8.
Anyway, I'm your newest follower and would love a follow back! I'd also love if you'd visit G4M's Sunday Followed & Featured this weekend and link up at our blog hop for a chance to win a $25 Gift Card!

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