December 13, 2010


So, you know when you tell your kids not to touch the electrical outlets?!  And you put those outlet covers on your outlets to protect your children?!  There's an excellent reason for this.  I learned this today, first hand.  My right hand, actually.

My daughter's Nintendo DS needed to charge and I went to put it on the charger.  The charger wasn't plugged in, so I needed to plug it in first.  The charger is one of those where the prongs fold into the charger.  I was having a little trouble getting it into the outlet for some reason.  And then...

my hand slipped...

my fingers hit the prongs.... (that were partially inserted into the outlet)


It hurt, a lot.  I felt the shock go halfway up my arm before I pulled away.  Again, it hurt.  My hand felt weird for the rest of the day.  It still does.  My husband thought it was funny, jerk.

I did get the charger plugged in, carefully.  I've been a little fearful of contact with outlets all day.  So if you've ever wondered about shocking yourself, it's possible.  Very much so.  It's not hard to do.  And it hurts. 

Oh, and if you have small children, make sure you have your outlets covered.  That is all.



Tamera said...

It is a totally weird (and painful) feeling! Sorry that happened to you!

Dharma said...

Ouch! So been there. My hubs thought it was funny too :(

Jessica said...

ouch! All our outlets are covered! Thank goodness my daughter seems to have no interest in them anyways!!! Your family is beautiful! I'm your newest follower from the hops! I hope that you will come check out my blog! I have a giveaway ending Friday with really low entries - great chance for you to win!!!

Karla said...

Sorry that happened! I did that to myself once. Not fun!

Sabina Bint Benjamin said...

Happy to hear you were not seriously injured. I have always been afraid of this type of thing. Thanks for the warning and also thanks for stopping by and following, I'm now following you.

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