January 6, 2011

A Conversation with Ryan

Today was Ryan's first day back at preschool since Christmas.  I thought she would be a little excited to tell me about her day after I had picked her up.  I asked her, she said that she had a good day.  And then, not even before we're out of the parking lot, she says:

"I want hot chocolate.  Can we go to Starbucks?"

I told her no, we should wait until Hayley gets out of school this afternoon.  And she says:

"No, I can't wait.  I want a hot chocolate."

And it really is cute, in her pushy little 3 year old way.  But again, I tell her no.  It's not fair that we always go without Hayley, we should wait until we go pick up Hayley.  (And Hayley always finds out and calls my foul.)  This time Ryan says:

"Well...can we go pick her up now?"

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