January 18, 2011

I Shouldn't Laugh

But, she is only three and doesn't know any better.  Today, while hanging out in the pick-up line at Hayley's school, Ryan said something.  It was funny and it probably wasn't funny.  But again, she's 3!

I don't even know if I should post this, but it made me laugh.  And then I told her that wasn't nice.

Again, while sitting in the car waiting for the bell to ring Ryan said:

"Look Mommy!!  It's a man-lady!"

Thank goodness we were in our car, because I would have been thoroughly embarrassed.  Scarlet in color.  And apologizing to this person.   

I don't even know where she got it from.  I blame Jonas.  I probably should not have laughed, but it was funny.  And she's three.  She's only three.


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Drea said...

Ha ha! How awkward. And funny! Adelaide has asked really pointed, impolite questions about other people before--in front of them. Example: we were in line at the post office and she asked me very loudly, "Mama, why doesn't that man have any hair on his head?" Yikes! Thank goodness he laughed! Luckily they have all been very gracious and then we had the opportunity to talk about how it's not polite to talk about other people. It was difficult explaining to her that I know she's curious, especially when people look differently than she does, but she should ask me about these differences quietly, or wait until we are at home so she doesn't accidentally hurt someone's feelings.

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