January 24, 2011

Strep x2

At the pediatrician today, I just laid my hand to my forehead.  The culture was positive for strep.  Not again.  Seriously.  Both the girls had finished their antibiotics last week and were doing great.  Then yesterday, Hayley was just not her happy self.  She lounged around most of the day.  And she voluntarily went to bed early, she hardly ever never does that.  Then this morning, she did not rise at her normal hour and I resorted to smacking her with a stuffed animal to rouse her.  And then she spoke those three words...my throat hurts.  I felt her forehead, definite warmth.  Not again.

So, off to the pediatrician we went later that morning.  And like I said above, strep...again.  The same thing happened to Ryan, she had strep first and tested positive again when Hayley had it the first time.  Her doctor even mentioned that it was her fourth positive test that day.  I remember having strep as a child and I've had it a few times as an adult.  It is not pleasant.  It makes me cringe to even think about that pain. 

Hopefully, this second, stronger antibiotic will completely boot it from her system.  I hope.

I know it's been going around.  She's not the only one in her class that has had it.  It just sucks, I feel for her.  I wish the ENT surgeon had taken her tonsils out when he removed her adenoids when she was four.  I asked him, but he said her tonsils were fine.  Lame.   

And now my poor Ryan is feeling a little left out.  Hayley is getting lots of attention and Baby Jack is always getting attention.  Hopefully she is just hoping to cash in on a little mommy time when she earlier said...Mommy, my throat hurts! 


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~Onreeone~ said...

Came by way of the blog hop. I've had one home with me all week thus far. The dr. didn't even test her for it, he just treated it like it is. Everyone where we live is sick it seems. Ninety three kids were out of the middle school the other day, that is more than half the students. I'm now following you--your children are adorable.

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