February 21, 2011

Nearly Constant

I've come to realize that during a given week, I spend the majority of those days with a headache.  They're not always so bad.  Some days the pain is just there, like a relentless fly that keeps buzzing around your head that will not be swatted away.  And there are the days were my headache decides to take a turn for the worse and go into migraine mode.  The days that I find myself without a headache are rare and I find that I worry myself too much wondering when the next one will begin.

I rate my headaches on a scale of one to ten.  Although that horrible sudden onset headache I had little over a month ago was well beyond a ten.  Normally, my headache lingers around a one to a three.  Since I've weaned myself from ibuprofen and acetaminophen, things have not improved all that much.  The headaches are still there and occasionally, once a week or so, a migraine.  Only when my headache begins to hit a seven on my scale, I reach for a pain medication.

There was another medication that I was not able to take because I was still nursing Baby Jack.  I struggled with the idea of weaning him.  Some days my headaches would get the best of me and I knew one shot of Imitrex would take it all away.  And other days, I just wasn't ready to let that bond go.  Jack was not yet a year old and that was the goal I had in mind when it came to a timeline of nursing.

Baby Jack had other ideas though.  A few weeks ago he had gotten to the point where he only nursed once, maybe twice a day; and he preferred to take a bottle other times.  When he did actually nurse, he was always too distractable.  He would only really commit to a feeding if he was tired and ready to sleep.  After experimenting with formula to supplement once a day, Jack became fond of soy formula.  (That's my boy!) 

Jonas and I threw the idea around of weaning him completely, we could afford the extra cost of formula and I could get some headache relief.  And then, one night, Jonas went to put Jack down for the night with a bottle of soy formula and Jack was fine.  He gave me a little smile, took his bottle and made no fight when laid down in his crib for the night.  I cried.  This wasn't how it was supposed to be, but then again, maybe it was meant to be that way.  Jack was ready.  Even if I wasn't ready, I know that it's best given everything going on with me. 

My neurology appointment is a little over a week away.  I'm a bit anxious about it and also hoping for some answers.  Now, I wait.  I try to stay hydrated, limit caffeine intake and rest whenever possible.  I also try to not feel like such a failure since I was not able to nurse my son for the first year like I had planned.  Maybe I will go drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine, since I can do that now.  (That was a joke, btw.)   

February 20, 2011

Monday Minute

Oh Monday, you're here.  And soon, I will be off to the doctor with my younger two.  Hayley is spending the day with a friends.  She's remained healthy despite everything her sister and brother are going through and I'm hoping to keep things that way.  And also hoping, praying, that Ryan and Jack recover soon. 

And now on to Monday Minute with Cristi, head on over to Is There a Doctor in the House to link up.

(1) Do you think Lady Gaga is Gaga or just plain KaKa?

She might be a little crazy, but I'm a fan.  And so is Hayley.  One of her favorite things to do is turn her iPod to a Lady Gaga song and dance around.  It's so cute. 

(2) If you had to write these questions every week, what questions would YOU write the participants?

Hmmm.... Are you a cereal person for breakfast?  What's your favorite way to have an egg prepared?  Do you have a latte budget? 

(3) What animal/ insect has always scared the heck out of you?

Earwigs... I just had a chill thinking about one.  I swear, they're everywhere here too.  Once, I was sitting on my couch and suddenly something fell from the ceiling.  And it was an earwig.  Ahh!!!  They like to hang out by the door during the summer.  And once, when Hayley was a toddler, I went to put some water in her cup and there was an earwig in the straw.  Again...more chills...

(4) Do you wash your hands after you use the restroom every time? Be honest!

Yeah, most of the time.  I'm not always the best about it at home, sometimes I barely have enough time to run into the restroom to pee.  But again, most of the time.  Or I use hand sanitizer. 

(5) Do you buy brand named purses or replicas?

I do buy brand name bags, but I haven't in a while.  The first brand name bag I ever had, my Dooney, was stolen out of my car a couple months later.  My husband had bought it for me for Christmas.  I was so upset about it.  I didn't replace it for a couple years because I was worried it would get stolen. 

I do have a Vera Bradley diaper bag and a lot of matching accessories to go along with it.  And a matching purse, when I get out without my kids. 

I don't buy replicas.  I do have my eye on a Coach bag, but it will probably have to wait.  I still have a while to carry around a diaper bag and I don't really like to carry around a purse and diaper bag.  It's a thing, I can't explain it.  Jonas doesn't get it either.    

February 19, 2011

Tales from the ER

It all started with Ryan.  Earlier that day I had to take her back to the pediatrician, for the second time in a week.  Ryan had been improving, but then she just went downhill a couple days later.  She was miserable, it was written all over her pretty little face.  Her pediatrician diagnosed her with bronchitis and a double ear infection.  Joy...

After we finally got home, I forbid her from going anywhere near her baby brother.  Jack was doing great and didn't show any signs of sickness.  Later that night, after all the kids were in bed, Jonas and I were hanging out in our room watching TV.  And then...over the baby monitor...we heard it.  That horrible croupy, barky, hard to catch your breath cough.  And it didn't stop.  Soon Baby Jack was awake and he couldn't stop coughing.  He wasn't sounding right and I decided to bring him to the ER.

I hurriedly got dressed, packed the diaper bag and was soon on my way to the hospital.  Jonas stayed behind with the girls.  It didn't take me too long to get to the hospital...no...I was not going the speed limit...  We were checked in fairly quickly and got into triage within minutes of arriving.

Jack was doing alright at that point.  He was no longer hysterical, but with every breath you could hear the wheezing and crud crackling.  I almost cried when the nurse mentioned whooping cough.  After the triage evaluation, we were brought to another room and given a bed.  Before I could get semi settled, a tech came to bring us to X-ray.  Jack did great during X-ray.  He even did his little shake-dance move for the X-ray techs.  Such a flirty little show-off.  

As I walked back to our room, I caught the glances of the many other parents there with their children.  I shared sympathetic smiles with them, knowing full well how hard it was to be there and worry for your child.  Back in the room, we saw another nurse, who was very nice and helpful.  He was awesome.  And another person from respiratory.  And then we had to wait for a doctor.  The room we were in was a large room with three beds, separated by curtains.  We shared the room with another sick baby having similar issues and a girl that was waiting to be transported to Children's with blood sugar problems.

Soon, the baby was discharged.  Poor thing had pneumonia.  The girl with the blood sugar issue was actually funny.  She complained of the paramedics and males nurses having cooties.  And she talked how she liked the Disney Channel shows.  She also kept asking for juice, but was denied because of the high sugar content.  I almost laughed out loud when they offered her water and she loudly shared her disdain for water.  Soon though, her ambulance arrived and she was off to Children's. 

And the room was quiet.  Jack just sat with me, smiling and playing.  He enjoyed all of the attention from the nurses.  He smiled, gabbed and played; even through his labored breathing.  The doctor arrived and said that the X-ray showed that his lungs weren't clear.  All of his other vitals were good, so he ordered a breathing treatment and steroids.  Jack responded incredibly well to the breathing treatment, although he did not enjoy having his head held still to receive it.  It was amazing how much better he sounded afterwards.  He was then given a dose of steroids and we then had to wait to see the doctor again.

And that's when things got interesting...

Suddenly, the room we were in was invaded by nurses, paramedics and a confused elderly woman with her daughter.  From what I gathered, the elderly woman suffered from dementia and Alzheimer's.  She was not cooperating with the nurses well.  After they finally got her somewhat settled, she was still so confused and complaining of being cold, even with four warmed blankets.  She was riddled with anxiety and her daughter just wanted the doctor to come.  It was sad.  

And then...

Another patient comes into the room with an entourage of nurses and others.  He rattles off a list of things he suffers from.  A few things stood out: bi-polar, ADHD and depression.  His long list of medications stood out even more.  I know at least one of them was an anti-psychotic medication.  They asked the man to empty his pockets so that everything could be kept at the nursing station.  And then they sent him to the restroom for a urine sample.    That was the first time I saw the man, he was a big guy and a little frightening, to be honest.  He looked at me for a few seconds and headed into the restroom.  There were a few other things they asked of this man, it was all protocol.  I noticed security out in the hall and overheard that they were waiting for a social worker.  I was just thinking to myself...you've got to be kidding me...there's not another room...

I was nervous and I was tired.  Baby Jack had fallen asleep.  I was just waiting to see the doctor once more and be discharged.  So I sat, held my baby boy close, I listened to the daughter next to me inquire about a doctor and try to claim her mother. I felt so sad for them, I can't imagine what those women must go through.  The other guy, the scary one, told sad stories of his life and questioned the staff of the things they required of him.  The nurse came by to check on us and apologized for the sudden craziness.  Finally, the doctor came by again and was glad to see that Baby Jack had improved so much.  He diagnosed Jack with bronchitis and wrote out a couple prescriptions.  Finally, we were discharged.

Honestly, I knew going into the ER in the middle the night was going to be interesting.  If I wasn't so worried about Jack's breathing, I would have gone straight to Children's.  Given the strangeness of how the visit ended, everything else went well.  The nurses were always there and everything was handled in a timely manner.  I don't have anything bad to say about the visit, except that the people I had to share with room with during our last hour there was a little frightening.  That's all.           

February 13, 2011

Kindle Envy

My poor husband has Kindle envy.  This is only a recent development because his Kindle was stolen from our car last Friday.  Jonas had gone to pick Ryan up from preschool and was reading in the car before it was time to get inside to get her.  He didn't lock the car and left in Kindle inside the car.  For about five minutes, if that.  He didn't even realize that his Kindle was missing until he was looking for it to read before going to bed. 

We're both sad and angry about the whole thing.  It makes me sad since it was his birthday present from me.  He uses it every day.  It's absense has been missed.  The whole thing is also upsetting because it was stolen from the church/preschool parking lot.  Our parking spot at the school it the closest on to the entrance.  There's a good chance that the person that stole it was a family from the preschool.  We both hate to think that way, but who knows.  Maybe it wasn't.  I really hope that it wasn't. 

We filed a police report today, knowing full well that we will probably never see his Kindle again.  Jonas also contacted Amazon and had the Kindle deactivated.  So now, it's black-listed and useless.  And soon, we'll go and buy Jonas a new Kindle.  I believe in kharma.  And to the jerk that stole Jonas' Kindle:  YOU SUCK!

Monday Minute

Happy Valentine's Day!!  Jonas and I had a big night out a few weeks ago, it was wonderful it get out without the kids.  We also plan on going out this week too, with the kids.  I'm not sure what else the day has in store though.  I will be spending part of the day at Hayley's school helping out with her Valentine's Day party.  I planned the party with her teacher, it should be lots of fun.  We have a fun craft planned and a chocolate fountain!  I can't wait to see the kids with it, it'll be fun. 

And now, time for Monday Minute with Cristi.  Head on over to Is There a Doctor in the House to link up!

(1) What's your favorite kind of cake? (post a recipe if you have time)

I have and always will LOVE chocolate.  And that love for chocolate includes chocolate cake.  I love those flourless cakes with the chocolate lave in the middle...yum.  Follow that up with some ice cold milk and I'm good.  Strawberry cake also comes in at a close second.

(2) Do you like getting massages?

Yes...it's been far too long.  In fact, I bought a spa package from Local Twist and I'm going to use it on Friday.  And that includes a long, long massage.  I can't wait. 

(3) Would you consider yourself Neat Nelly or Messy Bessy?

I lean more towards the Neat Nelly, but I'm also a busy mom and my house can get kind of messy.  I do my best to keep everything clean, especially my kitchen.  I also get a little anxious when my house turns into a disaster area.  Better to keep the place clean, I'm happier and so is everyone else. 

(4) Are you shy about going to the restroom in public places?

Not really, I get in, wash my hands and leave. 

(5) Did you have your dream wedding or would you redo it if you had the chance?

My husband and I had a pretty great wedding.  It wasn't huge or extravagant, but it was really nice.  Everyone had a great time and I was happy.  It was perfect.  I wouldn't go back, I don't have any bad memories from the day.

And Still...They Linger

I'm still having headaches, they come daily.  They're not always migraines, but having a headache everyday is not great either.  I went to my doctor the other day and explained everything to him.  I was thrilled to actually have an appointment with my doctor since he has been so booked lately.  Unlike the last doctor I saw, he wasn't terribly concerned with my blood pressure.  But he was concerned with the sudden onset of my headaches and their frequency. 

For now, I'm not taking any medications, unless necessary, to make sure they're not withdrawal headaches.  There was a medication he wanted to prescribe me, but I am unable to take it while nursing.  Oh Baby Jack, we may not make it till your birthday.  I've seriously begun looking at weaning him, these headaches are getting old.  In reality, it wouldn't be difficult.  He takes a bottle during the day and has a bottle of formula once a day.  It's just hard, for me. 

Finally, I've been referred to neurologist to rule anything else out.  I don't see the neurologist for a few more weeks.  For now, no medications unless my headaches reach a 7.  I had already begun to limit my caffeine intake and increased my water intake.  So far, there haven't been any changes.  I guess, for now, I just wait till my neurology appointment.  And hope for the best. 

February 11, 2011

Five Question Friday

It's Friday!  Head on over to My Little Life to link up!!

1. Would you rather be on ABC's Extreme Home MakeOver or TLC's What not to Wear?

Hmm.... Extreme Home Makeover, please.  Those houses they build are amazing.  AMAZING.  I couldn't imagine having a home like that.  I would love to have the ultimate dream home.  Oh wait...then I have to have the crappy house too...um....still going with Extreme Home Makeover.  Worth it.

2. Do you have any tattoos?

Yes, I have four tattoos.  I have a small frog on my shoulder, my first tattoo.  I have a butterfly on my lower back, not my favorite.  I have an h.r. on my back for Hayley and Ryan.  When I am done nursing I plan to add a "j" to that for Jack.  And I have some stars on my foot. 

And I want to get a couple more...

3. Do you tell your kids about things you did growing up?

Yes, but since my oldest is only 6, not so much.  I tell her about funny things I did when I was a kid, things I liked, etc.  I only really share things that are age appropriate for her right now.  It makes me laugh everything time when she finds some of those things unbelievable.  For example, I used to play with My Little Ponies when I was a kid.  She then usually tells me that I'm old or something.

4. If the traffic signal turns yellow, do you stop or speed up?

I stop, generally.  I don't like to speed through red lights.  If it's turning yellow and I am nearly at the intersection; less than a car length away, I will continue going.  I don't like to stop so abruptly either.
5. What's your preference: chocolate or chips?

Chocolate.  I love chocolate, love it. 

5QF is brought to you by:

February 10, 2011

In the Running

If you've been reading my blog at any length, you will know that Hayley goes to a Cooperative Elementary.  That means lots of volunteering and such.  Hayley's school is awesome.  It's so awesome to be part of my daughter's education, getting to know her classmates, teachers, school staff and the other parents.  This year, I've been trying to get myself more involved at her school.  I didn't really have that option last year since everything was always so up in the air with my pregnancy. 

Soon it will be time for elections in the co-op for council positions for the next school year.  Time to jump in, right?

I had mentioned my desire to get more involved at school to a couple of my friends.  They encouraged me and gave me some advice as well.  And now, I've been nominated to be a parent-coordinator for one of the second grade classes for next year.  And so have a couple other parents.  So now, it's officially a race for the position.  As of now, second grade PC is the only position that will need to hold a vote.  

And now, I'm nervous.  I still have words of encouragement from other friends and parents.  I accepted my nomination and am hoping to win.  Thankfully, there's no campaigning.  Elections are not until April, so I guess I will just wait.  I'm excited and, again, nervous.  But most importantly, I really want to get more involved at Hayley's school and this is my opportunity to do just that.  So wish me luck!

February 7, 2011

8 Months

Baby Jack is eight months old today.  Wow.  He's such a happy little guy, I couldn't have asked for a better baby.  He adores his sisters and always lights up when they come to see him.  Jack is nearly crawling, although he can get around pretty well just rolling.  He can sit up and sometimes even sit himself up.  And he said his first word..."Momma!"  Both they girls said "dada" first, so this was very special to me. 

He's nearly sleeping through the night, only waking once.  Hopefully he will kick that habit soon!  He's been eating solid foods for a little over three months and is doing fabulously.  There are few things he dislikes and he's always eager for his meals. 

His next well check isn't until next month, but the last time we were at the pediatrician he weighed in at a little over eighteen pounds.  So much bigger than his sisters, he will definitely hit twenty pounds before his first birthday.  Ryan never hit twenty pounds until she was eighteen months.  In fact, it's funny to see how big Jack is compared to Ryan.  When he sits with her, he doesn't look much smaller.

Since Jack is my last baby, I am trying to take in as much as possible.  It just goes by so quickly.  I am also so eager to watch him grow and discover his personality.  Oh Jack, you are so loved by our family.  Don't grow up too fast baby boy.

Date with Daddy

Over the weekend, Jonas and the girls attended the Valentine's Father-Daughter Dance.  This was Hayley's third year and Ryan's first.  Last year, Ryan was not happy being left behind.  In fact, she wore herself out fuming about it.  (See here.)  So this year, she got to go and she was so excited about it. 

Both Hayley and Ryan picked out new dresses for the dance and a couple accessories.  The day of the dance came and they asked all day long when it was time to go.  Soon enough, it was time to get ready.  They bathed, I did their hair and got them all ready for their date with Daddy. 

It was so much fun getting them ready and taking their pictures before they left. Ryan was even showing me some of her moves before they left. When they arrived home, Hayley and Ryan were both smiling. Jonas said they all had lots of fun. I'm so glad they get to have that night out with their Daddy.

February 6, 2011

Monday Minute

It's been a while since I've participated in Monday Minute.  I've missed it. 

Between all of the kids being sick and then myself, things have been crazy.  I still have more blogging to catch up on this week.  I have definitely been neglecting my blog.  Sorry blog. 

For now, time for Monday Minute with Cristi.  Head on over to Is There a Doctor in the House to link up!

(1) Do you use shaving cream when you shave? (thanks to Sierra for this one!)

Not normally, but I bought Jonas a really nice shaving kit, from The Art of Shaving store, for Christmas. So now we have a few extra cans of shaving cream.  And since there's no way I am letting them go to waste, I'm using them.  I don't buy shaving cream for myself, I prefer to use body wash.

(2) Name 2 things you consider yourself to be very bad at.

Hmmm.... shredding papers.  I always shred all my bills and papers that come in the mail.  But I let it pile up for too long, before I get annoyed enough to shred all of it.  I always end up with this massive pile of mail and other things on my counter.  Then I have to go through all of it and deem what can be recycled and what must be shredded.  I would be so much happier if more things were paperless.   

As for a second thing, I let things bother me way too much at times.  I let things get to me and ruin my day.  I really need to work on not letting that happen.  I just fume too much. 

(3) What's your favorite song?

I don't really have an all time favorite one song, I have a lot of songs I like.  Some are my favorite, but nothing in particular really stands out to me.  Just the Way You Are, It's a Wonderful World, Unanswered Prayers... There are so many...

(4) If somebody asked you to sum yourself up in three words, what would they be?

Faithful, thoughful, determined

(5) Out of the following three, which do you hate most: pineapples, cantaloupe, or strawberries?

Cantaloupe!  I hate cantaloupe.  I've never liked it and I really just can't stand it.  Gross.  I do, however, love strawberries and pineapple.

More than Bangs

Like most little sisters, Ryan is always wanting to be like her big sister Hayley.  This even includes getting her hair cut.  Hayley has a cute shorter cut.  Ryan's hair had never been cut.  (Except for her bangs.)  Ryan asked to get her hair cut, but I kept telling her no.  I loved her hair, I was attached.  It was so pretty.

Ryan still asked for a time.  And then Jonas began to insist that we cut her hair.  Really?  My husband that cringes a little when I cut my hair short.  He told me that is was getting harder to brush through Ryan's hair and it was.  All that baby hair on the ends tangled so easily.  So, I finally gave in and made an appointment at Fresh with my favorite stylist, Kelsie.

Ryan was so excited.  She wanted her hair up to her chin, but that was a bit much for me.  We settled with a length below her shoulders.  Soon, all her baby curls were on the salon floor.  In the end, my baby girl had a new cute 'do.'  Kelsie even curled it for her.

After we were done at the salon, I took Ryan for a cupcake since she did such a great job at the salon.  She happily munched away on her cupcake and also insisted on sharing mine.  After she finished her cupcake Ryan looked up at me and said: "Mommy, this was such a fun day."  Awe, she melts me heart.

Look how long it was!

All those baby curls at the end.

Her new 'do!'

Absence Explained

There has been a lot of sickness since my last post.  Yes, Baby Jack had croup.  My poor little guy was so miserable.  Thankfully, Ryan just had a cold and it didn't last very long.  And Hayley remained healthy! 


A couple days after my last post, I started to feel a tingle in my throat.  Oh no...

I laid the blame with my children.

Over the weekend, it progressively worsened.  And Monday, I don't even know how I got through Monday.  The only things I focused on were the kids and resting as much as possible.  There's not much I can take since I am still nursing, but I did enjoy lots of vitamin water and cold-busting smoothies.  And some Chinese food, I always crave Chinese food when I am sick.  

Then I saw the light, I was feeling better.  It was short lived.  My entire face and head began to ache.  And my body.  Seriously?  I made an appointment with my doctor.  After spending more time than necessary looking in one of my ears, he asked if it hurt.  I explained that my entire head was hurting, ears included. 

Lucky me....my doctor told me I had a sinus infection and a double ear infection.  Lovely.  And since I'm allergic to the antibiotics he wanted to put me on or the others were not compatible with nursing, he found something that would work.  I can't recall what it's name is, but it is horrible.  It dissolves the instant it hits your mouth.  I no longer make the mistake of taking it with water because then I have to taste it for an hour or so afterwards.  It's gross, but it seems to be working.

The achenes is gone.  The throbbing in my head in gone.  Just a little bit of pressure remains in my head.

As for my husband, he's good.  I consider him very lucky not to have gotten this.  Myself too.  We all know how our husbands get when they're sick.   

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