February 7, 2011

8 Months

Baby Jack is eight months old today.  Wow.  He's such a happy little guy, I couldn't have asked for a better baby.  He adores his sisters and always lights up when they come to see him.  Jack is nearly crawling, although he can get around pretty well just rolling.  He can sit up and sometimes even sit himself up.  And he said his first word..."Momma!"  Both they girls said "dada" first, so this was very special to me. 

He's nearly sleeping through the night, only waking once.  Hopefully he will kick that habit soon!  He's been eating solid foods for a little over three months and is doing fabulously.  There are few things he dislikes and he's always eager for his meals. 

His next well check isn't until next month, but the last time we were at the pediatrician he weighed in at a little over eighteen pounds.  So much bigger than his sisters, he will definitely hit twenty pounds before his first birthday.  Ryan never hit twenty pounds until she was eighteen months.  In fact, it's funny to see how big Jack is compared to Ryan.  When he sits with her, he doesn't look much smaller.

Since Jack is my last baby, I am trying to take in as much as possible.  It just goes by so quickly.  I am also so eager to watch him grow and discover his personality.  Oh Jack, you are so loved by our family.  Don't grow up too fast baby boy.


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Holly said...

So CUTE!! Don't BLINK!! They will all be grown before you know it...
Thanks for stopping by. I am your #150 follower. ;D

7658908c-32e1-11e0-a8fb-000bcdca4d7a said...

Hi there
I'm stopping by from the Tuesday hops to follow and say hello.
Have a great day!

Tisha Matthews said...

Awww! He is too cute.

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