February 13, 2011

And Still...They Linger

I'm still having headaches, they come daily.  They're not always migraines, but having a headache everyday is not great either.  I went to my doctor the other day and explained everything to him.  I was thrilled to actually have an appointment with my doctor since he has been so booked lately.  Unlike the last doctor I saw, he wasn't terribly concerned with my blood pressure.  But he was concerned with the sudden onset of my headaches and their frequency. 

For now, I'm not taking any medications, unless necessary, to make sure they're not withdrawal headaches.  There was a medication he wanted to prescribe me, but I am unable to take it while nursing.  Oh Baby Jack, we may not make it till your birthday.  I've seriously begun looking at weaning him, these headaches are getting old.  In reality, it wouldn't be difficult.  He takes a bottle during the day and has a bottle of formula once a day.  It's just hard, for me. 

Finally, I've been referred to neurologist to rule anything else out.  I don't see the neurologist for a few more weeks.  For now, no medications unless my headaches reach a 7.  I had already begun to limit my caffeine intake and increased my water intake.  So far, there haven't been any changes.  I guess, for now, I just wait till my neurology appointment.  And hope for the best. 

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