February 10, 2011

In the Running

If you've been reading my blog at any length, you will know that Hayley goes to a Cooperative Elementary.  That means lots of volunteering and such.  Hayley's school is awesome.  It's so awesome to be part of my daughter's education, getting to know her classmates, teachers, school staff and the other parents.  This year, I've been trying to get myself more involved at her school.  I didn't really have that option last year since everything was always so up in the air with my pregnancy. 

Soon it will be time for elections in the co-op for council positions for the next school year.  Time to jump in, right?

I had mentioned my desire to get more involved at school to a couple of my friends.  They encouraged me and gave me some advice as well.  And now, I've been nominated to be a parent-coordinator for one of the second grade classes for next year.  And so have a couple other parents.  So now, it's officially a race for the position.  As of now, second grade PC is the only position that will need to hold a vote.  

And now, I'm nervous.  I still have words of encouragement from other friends and parents.  I accepted my nomination and am hoping to win.  Thankfully, there's no campaigning.  Elections are not until April, so I guess I will just wait.  I'm excited and, again, nervous.  But most importantly, I really want to get more involved at Hayley's school and this is my opportunity to do just that.  So wish me luck!

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