February 13, 2011

Kindle Envy

My poor husband has Kindle envy.  This is only a recent development because his Kindle was stolen from our car last Friday.  Jonas had gone to pick Ryan up from preschool and was reading in the car before it was time to get inside to get her.  He didn't lock the car and left in Kindle inside the car.  For about five minutes, if that.  He didn't even realize that his Kindle was missing until he was looking for it to read before going to bed. 

We're both sad and angry about the whole thing.  It makes me sad since it was his birthday present from me.  He uses it every day.  It's absense has been missed.  The whole thing is also upsetting because it was stolen from the church/preschool parking lot.  Our parking spot at the school it the closest on to the entrance.  There's a good chance that the person that stole it was a family from the preschool.  We both hate to think that way, but who knows.  Maybe it wasn't.  I really hope that it wasn't. 

We filed a police report today, knowing full well that we will probably never see his Kindle again.  Jonas also contacted Amazon and had the Kindle deactivated.  So now, it's black-listed and useless.  And soon, we'll go and buy Jonas a new Kindle.  I believe in kharma.  And to the jerk that stole Jonas' Kindle:  YOU SUCK!


TheCuttingEtch said...

Oh no, I would positively die without my kindle!! Some people are just mean and thoughtless :(

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Yes, the Kindle thief does indeed suck. What pleasure do people get out of stealing other people's belongings?I find it very confusing.

CJ xx

BK said...

WOw. People kill me sometimes. That really drags. Hope you have a great Tuesday.


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