February 13, 2011

Monday Minute

Happy Valentine's Day!!  Jonas and I had a big night out a few weeks ago, it was wonderful it get out without the kids.  We also plan on going out this week too, with the kids.  I'm not sure what else the day has in store though.  I will be spending part of the day at Hayley's school helping out with her Valentine's Day party.  I planned the party with her teacher, it should be lots of fun.  We have a fun craft planned and a chocolate fountain!  I can't wait to see the kids with it, it'll be fun. 

And now, time for Monday Minute with Cristi.  Head on over to Is There a Doctor in the House to link up!

(1) What's your favorite kind of cake? (post a recipe if you have time)

I have and always will LOVE chocolate.  And that love for chocolate includes chocolate cake.  I love those flourless cakes with the chocolate lave in the middle...yum.  Follow that up with some ice cold milk and I'm good.  Strawberry cake also comes in at a close second.

(2) Do you like getting massages?

Yes...it's been far too long.  In fact, I bought a spa package from Local Twist and I'm going to use it on Friday.  And that includes a long, long massage.  I can't wait. 

(3) Would you consider yourself Neat Nelly or Messy Bessy?

I lean more towards the Neat Nelly, but I'm also a busy mom and my house can get kind of messy.  I do my best to keep everything clean, especially my kitchen.  I also get a little anxious when my house turns into a disaster area.  Better to keep the place clean, I'm happier and so is everyone else. 

(4) Are you shy about going to the restroom in public places?

Not really, I get in, wash my hands and leave. 

(5) Did you have your dream wedding or would you redo it if you had the chance?

My husband and I had a pretty great wedding.  It wasn't huge or extravagant, but it was really nice.  Everyone had a great time and I was happy.  It was perfect.  I wouldn't go back, I don't have any bad memories from the day.

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Birgit said...

having a massage while eating chocolate is perfect! I don't know what a kindle is but having anything stolen is awful and one feels violated. One would think one is safe where you parked but nowadays it is sad to hear that is not safe either

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