February 6, 2011

More than Bangs

Like most little sisters, Ryan is always wanting to be like her big sister Hayley.  This even includes getting her hair cut.  Hayley has a cute shorter cut.  Ryan's hair had never been cut.  (Except for her bangs.)  Ryan asked to get her hair cut, but I kept telling her no.  I loved her hair, I was attached.  It was so pretty.

Ryan still asked for a time.  And then Jonas began to insist that we cut her hair.  Really?  My husband that cringes a little when I cut my hair short.  He told me that is was getting harder to brush through Ryan's hair and it was.  All that baby hair on the ends tangled so easily.  So, I finally gave in and made an appointment at Fresh with my favorite stylist, Kelsie.

Ryan was so excited.  She wanted her hair up to her chin, but that was a bit much for me.  We settled with a length below her shoulders.  Soon, all her baby curls were on the salon floor.  In the end, my baby girl had a new cute 'do.'  Kelsie even curled it for her.

After we were done at the salon, I took Ryan for a cupcake since she did such a great job at the salon.  She happily munched away on her cupcake and also insisted on sharing mine.  After she finished her cupcake Ryan looked up at me and said: "Mommy, this was such a fun day."  Awe, she melts me heart.

Look how long it was!

All those baby curls at the end.

Her new 'do!'

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