March 10, 2011

Another One

The first one happened a couple months ago.  That one being the worst headache that I've ever experienced in my life.  When I was going through all of this I was assured that I was fine and it probably wouldn't happen again.  I was happy with that explanation because another headache like that hadn't happened again. 

Unfortunately, it happened...again.  The headache originated in the same way as the first one.  The only difference is that this headache isn't as severe as the first, but still severe enough.  I can't even be sure if that is true because I took a codeine as soon as I realized what was happening to me.  The codeine barely took the edge off and I laid awake for hours praying for some relief. 

I finally dozed off and got some sleep.  I was supposed to start physical therapy today.  The PT was ordered by my neurologist to help strengthen and stretch my neck in hopes of eliminating the pain and, hopefully, my migraines.  However, that was put on hold and I'm scheduled for a CT scan Monday morning.  And now, I rest.  I can't even accurately describe how I feel.  I have a headache, but I also have this weird sensation through my shoulders, neck and head.  It's tingly, leaves me a bit dizzy and heavy.  It's strange.

Earlier tonight, I cried.  As I held Jack, swaying to his lullaby music before laying him down for the night, I cried.  He held his head to mine, like he likes to do, giggled and smiled up at me.  I smiled, through my tears.  These headaches scare me.  My migraines, as painful as they are, are manageable.  These other headaches are so foreign and leave me feeling off.  I just don't know.  I worry, but I pray too. 

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AlessandraH said...

Oh Lacy ;-( I'm so sorry. Headaches suck! I am praying your doctor finds the reason and cure quickly so you don't have to go through this anymore.

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