March 5, 2011

Disaster at Coach

Jonas and I did all the responsible things we had planned to do when we got our tax return.  We paid off a good chunk of our credit card debt and plan to have the rest of it paid off by the end of this year!  We bought Jack a new convertible car seat.  We bought the kids some new spring/summer clothes.  We bought our plane tickets for our trip later this Spring.  And I need to make a call to our landscaper for some work that needs to get done.  Oh, and I bought Jonas a new Kindle!  Yeah! 

So, Jonas wanted me to get something special for myself.  I was having a difficult time pinning down exactly what I wanted.  As much as I wanted something just for myself, I always put my kids ahead of myself.  Because we all know, our kids always need things.  And I always feel so guilty buying something for myself.  But, I pondered.  Maybe something sparkly.  Maybe a new bag.  Maybe a new gadget.  (I'm a nerd.)

I had been eyeing the Coach store for a while now.  I have a thing for bags.  I can't explain it.  So, after a day full of running around Seattle and surrounding areas we ended our journey at the mall.  I got the girls settled with a cookie and I got myself a frozen yogurt.  Before even stepping foot into the Coach store, I asked the girls to be good.  I asked Ryan to remain in the stroller and Hayley stay with me.  Honestly, once I was in there, there were way to many options.  I was going for something neutral, maybe a gray.  I was also drooling over this yellow one, I don't know why either.  I just was really drawn to it.  But again, it was hard making a decision because it wasn't a cheap one.

Hayley had been feeling off throughout the day.  I think I forgot to mention she vomited when we got to our lunch destination.  I thought she was over the stomach bug she came down with on Thursday, but apparently I was wrong.  Anyways, she was feeling a little light headed, so Jonas took her and the rest of the kiddos outside.  I debated and had a collection of bags on a table.  I wasn't sure, so I asked Jonas to come back in and give me his take on my bag decision dilemma.

And that's when it all began.  Ryan was no longer in the stroller and Baby Jack was getting restless.  Hayley and Ryan decided to run around a table for a bit.  I immediately asked them to no longer run in the store.  Hayley didn't listen.

And she slipped...


She slammed her head into the counter and her hand that was trying to block it too.

All was quiet at the Coach store.  Except for my screaming daughter.  I ran to her, no blood.  Thank God.  I told her that I was sorry that she was hurt, but upset that she chose not to listen to me.  I then instructed Ryan to get back into the stroller, but she told me no.  I counted..1...2...3...and  So, I picked her up and put her in there myself.  And then Ryan started to cry.  I think Jack began crying for sympathy.  I thanked the sales lady for her generous time, but decided to call it a night.     

At that point, I was so frustrated, angry, upset, concerned, embarrassed and defeated, I knew it was just time to go home.  As much as I wanted to get something for myself, it was just not going to happen.  What fun would it have been?  Maybe it was a bad omen. 

The girls tears did not end once we got to the car.  And they started up again when we got home and told them that they would be heading straight to bed.  No bedtime stories, no movie night.  They chose not to listen and that was their punishment. 

I know that I might laugh about this one day.  Probably not anytime soon though.  My girls are good girls, but like all other children, they have their moments.  I just wonder why of all times that moment had to be in the Coach store.  And to my girls, please know that I love you both, even when I want to strangle you both.  Oh, and I will probably never bring either of you into the Coach store again.   

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