March 9, 2011

He's Still Pretty

My baby boy is a pretty one.  He makes all the girls swoon with his big brown eyes and long long eye lashes.  And he's always smiling.  He's pretty, I know it.  And I am pretty sure that he knows it too. 

Jack's hair also adds a facet to his "prettiness" factor.  Jack's always had a full head of dark hair, but it's grown out a little weird in places.  All the hair on the top of his head has grown long and curly, along with some hair around his ears that makes little ringlets.  While I loved all the hair, it was beginning to get too long.  And those ringlets on the side, well...ringlets...

So, I made an appointment with my wonderful hair lady, Kelsie, at Fresh. I was excited for Jack's first haircut and a little nervous too. I just asked that we kept the hair on top as long as possible. Jack did really well for his first haircut, he sat in Jonas' lap and chewed away on his toys/Jonas' fingers. And soon, Kelsie was done and my boy had a new 'do!' Jonas and I both loved it. And he's still pretty.

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Drea said...

You're right, he's still uber-cute! But I like the new, more masculine cut!

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