March 12, 2011

How I Found Out About the Earthquake

It's four in the morning and everyone in my house is sound asleep.  Until the phone rings.  I immediately wake up and look to the Caller ID. 

Because seriously...who calls at 4am unless it is an emergency! 

The call is coming from my in-laws.  Many thoughts run through my mind: Is Grandma okay?  Did someone get hurt?  I tell Jonas that it's his mother and immediately pick up the phone.  My mother-in-law sounds a little frantic. 

And she asks: "Did you hear about the earthquake in Japan?"


I tell her that no I haven't.  Because I was sleeping.  And she then tells me that there is a tsunami warning for the west coast.  And me, half asleep and still with raging headache, does not see the cause for this alarm.  We live near Puget Sound, not the Pacific Ocean.  She goes on to tell me the projected time for the tsunami and asks that we stay away from the water that day.  Done.

Again, sleepy and with headache, I think I may have come off as annoyed.  I don't know.  But I assure her that we will stay away from the water and end the call.  I informed Jonas of the impending doom and we went back to bed.

And that is how I found out about the earthquake in Japan.   

And if my mother-in-law reads this: I know you were only concerned and called because you cared.  We love you too.  If Pikes Peak ever blows its top, please know I would call you anytime and let you know when to expect the lava flow to reach your home. 

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