March 1, 2011

A Letter to March

Dear March,

So you begin and so far, things have been normal.  I even got some things done around the house.  I am very much looking forward to this month of yours and am hoping for good things.  So please, be kind to me.  I hate to speak unkindly of other months, but your predecessor, February, was a bit of a jerk. 

For one, the kids seemed constantly ill.  The beginning of the month the kids were sick and at the end of the month, two of them were sick yet again.  Ryan had bronchitis.  Baby Jack had bronchitis.  No fun for anyone.  Jack threw up on me, a few times.  It's a wonder Hayley avoided all that sickness.  Oh, and yes, I was sick too.  Twice.  Oh, and let's not forget those headaches of mine. 

Since the kids were constantly ill, I was confined to my house a lot.  I like to get out, do things, shop and mingle.  I could have taken advantage of that time when Jonas got home, but who are we kidding?!  I was exhausted by that time and just wanted to crawl into bed. 

Jonas' Kindle was stolen. So lame. At least it is now useless to whomever has possession of it. But still, that person is a huge JERK!
It snowed.  I love snow, normally.  I do not love the snow when it turned into ice.  No, not so much.  There
was also a long stretch of super cold weather.  I'm not a coat person, I'm a sweater person.  It was too cold for just my sweater.

Ok, so actually, not all of February was horrible.  Jonas and I had a good Valentine's Day and another fabulous date night at the end of the month.  I was also able to use my groupon at the spa.  And since it was cold and snowy, I made good use out of my cute gray boots.  And I got to watch the girls play in the snow, which was super cute.

Hayley's class had an awesome Valentine's Day party that I planned with her teacher.  The kids had a chocolate fountain.  It was awesome messy happiness.  Ryan participated in her first Valentine's Day party at preschool and had a blast.

The girls went to the Father-Daughter Dance with Jonas.  They had so much fun.

I am thankful we did not get the flu.  One of the other first grade classes was missing half of their class one day due to the flu.  Many families suffered through it that we know.  Again, thankful we did not get in on that.

I bought Jonas a new Kindle.  It made him happy.  It made me happy. 

Oh yeah, I won a free mascara from Clinique.  That made my day.

So, okay.  I might be picking on February a little bit.  But for the shortest month of a year, it's packed a punch.  Literally.  So again, dear March.  Bring on some sun, Spring flowers and health.  Be kind to me, my husband and my babies.  And my friends.

Much love,      

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