March 15, 2011


I finally heard back from my neurologist yesterday and learned that my CT scan came back normal.  I was a bit miffed that no one called me yesterday, but oh well.  No news is good news, right?  I also had to hear this on my voicemail because they called in that small window where I was gone taking Hayley to school.  Of course.  Even though the news was, in fact, good; I still had some questions I needed answered. 

I decided that it may be easier to get in touch with the neurologist through email.  And it was!  Sure enough, I received an email a couples hours later.  Basically, she wants me to schedule an MRI and a follow-up with her.  She also wants me to go ahead and start physical therapy.  The thought of an MRI is a little frightening. 

And now I wait again, I called a couple times today to speak with my neurologist's nurse and never heard back from them.  I have questions.  Some answers would be nice.  Hopefully soon.


DrKeppy said...

Glad everything looked ok! Why would they want you to see a physical therapist? I still want to urge you to see a chiropractor - he/she will get to the cause of your headaches and not just chase the symptoms like a MD will do. I just want to see you better!!

Lacy said...

Thanks Jessica. She wants me to start PT to stretch and strengthen my neck. I have an MRI on Friday and another appointment with my neurologist Tuesday. I do want to see a chiropractor and plan on finding one after my trip.

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