March 19, 2011

So, So Loud

On television shows like House or ER, MRI's are usually depicted as quiet.  Sometimes from the technician's point of view and other times from the patient's, but always so quiet.  In reality, that is not the case. 

Yesterday, I went in for my MRI.  I was a little nervous.  After I got changed into a the standard hospital type garb, I went into the room.  I laid on the table with my head in this half circle type cradle.  I was given a blanket, ear plugs, headphone and my eyes were covered.  Oh, and a little ball to squeeze if I needed to escape.  I held on to it for dear life.  He also placed another thing over my head, but I didn't see it since my eyes were covered.  The MRI specialist told me that the test took around twenty-five minutes.  He asked what type of music I liked and I told him my favorite radio station.  He picked a poor comparison to my radio station. 

And then, it began...

It was so loud.  The music and earplugs were not entirely helpful.  In fact, one of my earplugs became dislodged because of the headphones.  There were a series of different scans and each one had it one particular annoying, loud and jarring sound.

One began with loud buzzing.  Another sounded like incessant hammering, over and over and over.  Another sounded like a power drill in short spurts and it shook the entire table.  Some of these sounds come suddenly.  The MRI specialist tried to prepare me for them, but it was still a little unnerving at times.  And in between the series of scans, the crappy music would play.

Throughout all of this, I had to be entirely still.  I was very aware of how still I was keeping my head. I was also aware of the grip I had on that ball.   My nose began to itch at one point.  Really, now! -  I told myself.  Every once in a while, my knee would jerk and I feared I had messed up the scan.  Even though my head did not move.  Soon, it was done, but my ears were ringing a bit.

And now, I have to wait until Monday to hear from neurologist.  I have an appointment with her on Tuesday as well.  Hopefully, I will get some kind of answer.  I hope. 

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Stephanie said...

I've had MRI's as well and although they were noisy it was (for me) an escape from being a mom for 30 min. I am the kind of person who can sleep through a tornado so the noise was not too intolerable. I hope that your head aches find a place to go besides with you. Thinking of you often! Take care!

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