March 22, 2011

Whole New Diagnosis

Today, I went to see my neurologist, in the middle of my hectic-getting-everything-done-before-I-leave-tomorrow day.  I expected to hear that my MRI was normal because I hadn't heard from the neurologist or anyone else.  I was just hoping to get in and get some medication for my headaches.  And also hoping that maybe there was some underlying cause for all these headaches.  Hmmm...

Well, my MRI showed that all my vessels were normal.  There was no bleeding and no aneurysms.  All my structures looked good, no narrowing.  Good!


There was something else.  Unrelated to my headaches.  My MRI showed a few lesions in my brain.  I even saw these tiny spots in my brain when she showed me the scans.  She said that they're common with people that have migraines, but not the cause.  My neurologist told me that it's possible that I have CNS Vasculitis.  Which, if you click that link, sounds a little scary.

So, she ran a bunch of blood tests.  I should get my results in the next couple of days.  And in eight months, I need to get another MRI done.  If the lesions increase, then they will do a further work-up.  She also wants me to start a daily aspirin regimen.  And, thankfully, she prescribed some medications for my headaches.

It was a lot and not at all what I expected to hear today.  Honestly, I don't think I have taken it all in just yet.  My doctor assured me that I'm fine right now and to not worry myself too much.  It's scary.  And again, totally unexpected.  Right now, I'm feeling a little numb.  I don't have time to break down and freak out about what this could or couldn't be.  I should probably stop reading about it on the internet, that's just scaring me more.  And I just have to wait, again. 

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Michelle said...

Oh Wow! Well, I'll be praying for you and hope for the best. Following you now from the Tuesday Train hop!

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