April 27, 2011

Hayley Now Answers the Phone

Tonight, the phone rang at dinner.  I asked Hayley to grab to phone.  She did and she answered it too.  She said: "hello."  She listened and handed the phone to Jonas.  She said that they asked for him.  And that her friend Sahara is allowed to answer the phone at her house.  Jonas answered, listened and said: "Sure."

Ha!  It was a political survey call.  He was on the phone for a bit and I could tell that he was regretting agreeing to the survey.

One thing is clear.  We need to teach Hayley how to screen calls.

Wordless Wednesday - Hawaiian Day at School

April 26, 2011

A Stance

Not too long ago, a parent's biggest worry about their children being online was being approached by a pedophile.  Everyone has seen Dateline's: To Catch a Predator, right?   Now, there's another worry.  Cyber-bullying.  There are countless stories on TV of kids being harassed on their Facebook pages.  Sad stories of young people taking their lives over the bullying.  Sometimes, I think the social networking is the worst thing to happen to young people.  Sadly, like many things, there's always someone that turns a good thing into a bad thing. 

I'm so happy that Hayley is still too young to have a Facebook page. But when that time does come, there will be rules.  I will have access.  I WILL NOT raise a bully.  I work hard to raise my children to respect others and to always be kind.  No matter what.  I still remember the sting of other mean kids' words and I'd rather not have my children on the receiving end of such things.  Or dishing it out.  It's a hard line to walk, I don't want to raise pushovers either.  I just want my children to know that it's better to not be a part of the cruelty, it's better to simply tell someone that they're doing wrong and leave it at that.  I tell Hayley to be nice to everyone, even if they're not her favorite person.  And for six, she knows what's right.      

Recently, here in Washington, there was such a case of cyber-bullying.  (Read here)  Basically, a young girl's so-called-friends accessed her Facebook account and posted tons of inappropriate material.  These girls solicited sex and shared the girls personal information.  When it didn't stop, the parents called the police.  The girls involved are only 11 and 12.  And now, these girls are being charged with felony computer trespassing and cycberstalking, a gross misdemeanor.  They could face anywhere to 30 days to 5 years in a juvenile detention center.

These accused girls may be young, but honestly, I have no tolerance for bullying.  What those girls did was cruel and dangerous.  It was done with malice and intent.  It's wasn't funny.  They caused the victim and her family a great deal of harm.  I also wonder, where were these girls' parents???  These girls are 11 and 12 and should have been supervised.

I posted the same link to my Facebook page earlier and here are some of the responses I received:         
  • It seems children are raised in a much too permissive society - allowed to watch TV & movies that are not age appropriate, allowed way too much sugar & fast food, given foods that have been treated with hormones/additives. Dressed in clothing that's inappropriate for their age. Involved in activities that once was only for high school age kids. Lack of parental involvment in their daily lives & lack of control with the use of electronics etc. These young girls are way beyond their age - where were/are the parents? Where is common sense? And then we wonder what to do when kids act in a manner these girls have acted.
  • I don't think 11 and 12 year olds are too young for Facebook as long as a parent knows what is going on. Kids are super smart and totally technology driven now days. We can't compare them to kids from the past. The world is completely different. I think its all about parent involvement and knowing your children and treating them according to their own individual personalities. My 11 year old has an account set up through my email so that I see everything. She asks before she accepts any friends or likes anything....  She knows what we believe to be right and wrong and when these things are appropriate. We also talk constantly about " mean girls" and I am always making sure she know where those lines are and how not to cross them and what to do if her friends cross those lines.... Anyway, I agree these girls need punishment and their parents too.
  • Kids are so cruel. It's only 30 days in juivie I think those girls could learn a valuable lesson by being convicted.
Some kids, are cruel.  There are so many times that these things are simply overlooked and not taken seriously.  The first comment makes a great point, there's a huge lack of parental involvement.  However, raising kids today is totally different from raising kids ten, twenty years ago.  Kids are bombarded with so many things.  But really, it all goes back to the parents.  Where are they?   

I applaud the prosecutors for charging these girls.  I can not fathom the accused not realizing that what they did was horrible, wrong, and dangerous.  Some cry that the accused are too young, but apparently they were not too young to carry out the actions they did.  I don't care how much the accused disliked their old friend; no one deserves what they did to her.  If these bullies are never punished and their actions are not taken seriously; how can we ever expect things to change?       

April 22, 2011

Run Down at Walmart...Nearly

I don't know what it is about holiday weekends that makes people so cranky.  And mean.  It's not any one's fault but their own that they waited until the last minute to shop.  Today, I had to run to Walmart to get a couple things for a Scentsy party I was having at my home.  I parked and was on my way into the store.  I looked before stepping into the crosswalk, there was a car a ways down, but surely they would stop.  It's a crosswalk, it's the rule.  And it's a parking lot, there are people everywhere.  But no, this lady sped up actually, starring me down the entire time.  She saw me, I saw her.  I continued on my path to the door because I'm stubborn and was on a mission.  Yet still, she continued at her too-fast-for-a-parking-lot-rate-of-speed, still starring me down.  And just when you think she would stop, she swerved around me and only slowed down to look at me as she passed.

And me...

I was baffled and pissed.  I yelled a few choice words at her and then continued on into the store.  I walked around for a little bit still confused about this lady's rudeness and a bit angry too.

Here's the thing.  It's a parking a lot for one.  Second, I'm a pedestrian.  I'm not jay-walking or doing anything dangerous.  I am walking to the entrance of a store where it's clearly marked with a stop sign.  What is so wrong with this lady that she can't be bothered to stop?  Is it really hard enough to take the seconds it takes to actually...STOP.  Especially where there are bound to be people going into and leaving the store.  Seriously, what is wrong with people?!!

I just don't know.  I don't get people like that. Maybe she didn't do her Easter shopping.  I don't know, but I really don't care what her reason.  She should have stopped.  Clearly, she's a jerk.  And as I've stated before, I'm a big believer in karma.  What goes around, comes around. 

April 18, 2011

Had to Laugh

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and I made every attempt to not buy a bunch of crap and junk food. I bought snacks just for me.  I didn't buy the girls cookies, but I did buy ingredients to makes cookies.  That way, there will be cookies when I want them, when I want to indulge.  I bought a lot of veggies and fruit.  I bought some good stuff!

I was very happy with my grocery trip, well except one thing.  At the check out, I was unloading my groceries onto the belt and when I went to grab the syrup... it was sugar free.  Can we get an ick?  And I had already invested enough time waiting in line at the check out, the syrup was going to have to wait.  Hopefully the girls won't be requesting waffles before I make it back to the store. 

Okay, so besides the mishap with the syrup, everything was good.  I was looking forward to cooking this week and maintaining a healthy and balanced meal plan.  And we joined The Y!  I'm so excited and nervous about getting into a good workout routine.  Things were in place...until...the big brown truck pulled up.  I was expecting the UPS man with my Scentsy Starter Kit.  I was not expecting another package. 

Hmmm...after thanking the UPS man I looked over the extra parcel.  And saw that it was from FigisGrandma!  And yes, it was from Grandma.  Easter baskets for the kids and a little something for Jonas and myself.  I had to laugh.  Because, of course, it was loaded with candies, cheeses, meats, etc.  Again, I just laughed. 

However, I was not defeated by all this yumminess before me.  I waited until after dinner to have a few pieces of candy and I put the rest of it away.  I also made the girls wait until after dinner to dig into their baskets.  They had to finish their chicken nuggets and broccoli before selecting a piece of candy from their baskets.  And they did, they finished every last bite.   

Again, thanks Grandma for the thinking about us on Easter.  We love and miss you.

Thanks to LJD!

I just wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to Laura Jane Designs for my new blog design.  It looks better than I could have imagined!  I LOVE IT!

If anyone is looking for a great custom design for their blog, look no further.  Laura Jane Designs is fantastic.  She took care of everything; from the design to the installation.  And she answered all of my questions, I was bugging her a lot.  The process was simple with little done on my end. 

Again, thank you Laura Jane!

April 16, 2011

Batter Up!

Earlier this week, Hayley began her adventure into the baseball world.  It's her first year playing and she's very enthusiastic about it.  We had to option of placing her into T-ball, but declined.  She's almost seven and thought she'd look a bit ridiculous playing T-ball.  And, we knew she could catch onto to baseball pretty quickly.  (Sorry for the lack of photos, it's rained at both practices, so no good shots!)

Today was her second day at practice and her first time at bat.  She wasn't getting the hang of swinging her bat properly at first, but after some help from her coach; she began to get the idea.  And then she hit one!  It was only a whiffle ball, but it was a proud moment for us all.  Then...she hit another one...and broke the whiffle ball.  She was so excited, it was so cute.  Her coach told her that it was amazing. 

And since that moment, that's all she's been able to talk about.  Forget everything else that happened during practice.  Forget her brand new bathing suit.  Forget it all.  She broke the ball.  Hayley even called my parents as soon as she got home to share the news.  And she told everyone about it at The Y.  It was pretty special.  But Hayley said it was AMAZING, because that's what her coach told her!

April 13, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering...

I'm still here!  Less than twenty-fours hours since my last post I was on a plane bound for Dallas with Ryan and Jack.  We were headed there to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday and then we headed down to Mississippi with my parents.  Jonas and Hayley joined us when her Spring Break started.  I have a few blogs planned about our time away, so stay tuned. 

In my last blog I mentioned that I was waiting for results on some blood work.  I was able to access my results online while I was away; so I wouldn't have to hound my doctor's office with phone calls.  All my results came back essentially normal except for the one indicating the inflammation in my blood.  And since that test isn't specific to anything, I have to have all of the tests done again in May. 

And of course, that means more waiting.  Since they are not yet entirely sure of what is going on with me, they have to wait and see what the blood work tells them.  And hope that it points them in some kind of a direction.  I'm still having my headaches.  I had a migraine two days ago.  I also have to be aware of signs with my headaches and call the neurologist immediately if anything out of ordinary happens. 

I'm still not entirely sure how to deal with all of this.  I don't know what is going on with me.  I don't know if I should be scared or not.  I worry.  I push it out of my mind.  I'm frustrated since everything seems to be pending.  I really just don't know what to do and I'm wading my way through all these different emotions.  Sometimes I get so angry and frustrated, and then I feel guilty for the outburst and whomever I directed it at.  Other times, I sad, depressed and worried.  And then there are times where it's not on my mind and I get a break.  But lately, those breaks aren't coming enough.

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