April 16, 2011

Batter Up!

Earlier this week, Hayley began her adventure into the baseball world.  It's her first year playing and she's very enthusiastic about it.  We had to option of placing her into T-ball, but declined.  She's almost seven and thought she'd look a bit ridiculous playing T-ball.  And, we knew she could catch onto to baseball pretty quickly.  (Sorry for the lack of photos, it's rained at both practices, so no good shots!)

Today was her second day at practice and her first time at bat.  She wasn't getting the hang of swinging her bat properly at first, but after some help from her coach; she began to get the idea.  And then she hit one!  It was only a whiffle ball, but it was a proud moment for us all.  Then...she hit another one...and broke the whiffle ball.  She was so excited, it was so cute.  Her coach told her that it was amazing. 

And since that moment, that's all she's been able to talk about.  Forget everything else that happened during practice.  Forget her brand new bathing suit.  Forget it all.  She broke the ball.  Hayley even called my parents as soon as she got home to share the news.  And she told everyone about it at The Y.  It was pretty special.  But Hayley said it was AMAZING, because that's what her coach told her!

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